PACS Administrator/CT Technologist

PACS Administrator/CT Technologist



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Randolph, Vermont


Job Description:

We are currently seeking a dynamic and experienced PACS Administrator/CT Technologist to join our healthcare team in the tranquil and picturesque region of Northern Vermont. As an ARRT-registered  PACS Administrator/CT Technologist, you will play a dual role in overseeing our Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) while also providing exceptional computed tomography (CT) imaging services. Join us in delivering high-quality patient care and contributing to the health and well-being of our community.

Highlights about the Position:

  • System Configuration Changes and Modifications. Assists in overseeing activities of vendors in all phases of installation, implementation, and training of new systems, applications, and upgrades for the PACS. Planning and coordinating software upgrades with vendor personnel. Notifying, planning, and coordinating with Vendor personnel to add modality connections. Notifying and coordinating with vendor personnel when moves/changes to modalities DICOM storage locations are required. Notifying and coordinating installations with vendor personnel when adding new devices.
  • Training Providing user training, including planning and coordinating training (personnel, site, equipment, materials) with vendor training personnel, upon system purchase and during software upgrades. Training additional new users and providing refresher training for all users as needed. Participating in system Administrator and QC training provided by vendor, remaining current in new versions and techniques.
  • Responsible for the implementation and day-to-day operation for the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). Will monitor the PACS system performance, disk space usage, connectivity and data integrity. Will monitor studies and patient information for accuracy and make adjustments as needed. Will notify the Vendor of any problems and work collaboratively to solve these problems.
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned to assist the department in achieving and maintaining its mission.
  • User Management. Will add, change, and delete users on the server including putting new users into appropriate user groups, granting appropriate permissions, changing users' profiles, deleting users, and maintaining appropriate documentation for all users.
  • Maintains a current knowledge of new methods/technology and industry trends that may affect the HIS/RIS and PACS network in addition to attending trainings offered to maintain professional competence.
  • Technical Documentation and Management Reporting Developing and implementing policies and procedures, in cooperation with IT, to assure that system monitoring and effective backup procedures are followed. Developing and maintaining materials and records ( attendance, etc.) for user training. Developing and providing regular management reports to Radiology Administrator.
  • Acts as a liaison in digital imaging initiatives within the department and other departments to maintain optimal operation of the system.
  • Works closely with Radiology’s Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/AC) personnel to identify and design future needs and efficient workflow processes that include further integration into operations. Implements quality control monitors.


Skills Required:

  • Associates Degree.
  • Completion of formal Radiological Technology training in an AMA approved school.
  • Advance training in computers, PACS and IT network training.
  • CT Certification  
  • Bachelor’s Degree - Desired
  • PACS certification – Desired
  • Computer savvy and highly developed technical background with an understanding of the PACS system process and workflow.
  • IT networking knowledge


Living in Vermont: Living in Northern Vermont offers a peaceful and close-to-nature lifestyle. The region is known for its stunning natural beauty, including picturesque mountains, tranquil lakes, and charming small towns. Vermont residents enjoy a strong sense of community, a slower pace of life, and a close connection to the outdoors. The area offers a variety of outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, skiing, and biking. Northern Vermont is also home to local farmers' markets, festivals, and cultural events.

If you are an ARRT registered PACS Administrator/CT Technologist seeking a multifaceted and rewarding career in the tranquil Northern Vermont region, we invite you to apply for this position.