3 Areas Where Apps Improve Patient Outcomes

3 Areas Where Apps Improve Patient Outcomes

We give credit to apps making our everyday lives easier in many ways. We are able to use apps for travel, food delivery, scheduling, and other other manners of assisting that allow individuals to free up their time for other things. In recent years, the healthcare industry has been making an effort to take advantage of these new capabilities to encourage better outcomes for patients in different scenarios. Read below to learn about 3 types of apps that are making things easier and more effective for patients every day.

Post-Operation Care

Enhancing patient outcomes following surgery is paramount. By focusing on surgical recovery and post-operative care, we can significantly improve the recovery process for patients. Implementing strategies to optimize post-operative care not only speeds up recovery times but also enhances overall patient satisfaction and quality of life.

PIP Care, SeamlessMD, and TapCloud are all apps that look to help patients recovering from surgery do just that! Recent studies have even shown that use of Pip Care before and after a surgery have cut down post-surgery readmission by nearly half and increased patient satisfaction. These programs look to not only serve as reminders for medication or scheduling follow-up appointments, but also as a way for patients to receive mental and physical support at any time throughout their recovery. Apps like these track progress post-op to help keep patients on the right path to recovery.


In 2021, nearly 12% of the nation had some form of diabetes. While conversations and information about diabetes is now readily available in most places, that does not mean that it has become any less difficult or time-consuming to live with. No matter which type of diabetes effects one’s life, there are still many steps needed to monitor and maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure that a long life can be lived to the fullest.

In order to keep track and maintain these efforts, multiple apps have come to be. Apps like MySugr, Beat Diabetes, and Glucose Buddy are all apps that help to track and remind patients of what is necessary throughout the day, allowing them to focus on what is happening around them without constantly checking the clock. These apps track blood levels, fitness, nutrition levels of meals, and additionally help with tips and recipes for efficient living.

Prescription Prices

Improving patient outcomes is not always about taking major steps forwards. Sometimes, it is about maintaining health with the assistance of medication. Unfortunately, medication is not always readily available or cost effective. For some, this can be a debilitating variable, meaning that they may not be able to sustain themselves with the local cost of a medication, eventually leading to them not taking the medications they need and, potentially, facing extreme health repercussions.

GoodRX, BuzzRX, ScriptSave, and other similar apps are helping patients combat this phenomenon. These apps are easily accessible databases full of price checks, availability checks, and coupons that are separated by stores and regions to ensure that patients are able to obtain their necessary meds as quickly and cheaply as possible without losing quality.

These are not the only areas that have been bettered through the use of apps. Women’s health, mental health, dermatology, and many other forms of healthcare have benefitted greatly from the ease of access to care provided to patients by the use of apps. If you are looking to provide care, through telemedicine means or in person, then take a look at our job page now to learn more about the opportunities that are open to you today. If you are looking for something different than what we have there, send us an updated resume and learn more about what other opportunities could be a good fit for you today.

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