5 Healthy And Easy New Year’s Resolutions

5 Healthy and Easy New Year’s Resolutions


The 2022 new year is right around the corner and declarations and resolutions will soon be filling your social media feeds. If you have tried to or have successfully completed a resolution in the past, you know that the set up and the follow through are two very different things. While it can be easy to promise the world that you will make healthy changes, holding yourself to it when no one is looking is far more difficult.


Following through with a new year’s resolution is far from impossible, though. It can be difficult, but a large part of ensuring that you will complete your resolution is setting yourself up for success. Creating an obtainable goal that will help you make better choices in the long run is a great way to start crafting your resolution. Take a look at our top 5 healthy and easy-to-keep new year’s resolutions for inspiration!


Try Therapy


While the stigma surrounding therapy has been disappearing over the last few years, there is still the misconception that things have to be wrong for you to go to therapy. In our every day life, we go through a slew of emotions, from joy to fear to apathy. Therapy provides a healthy outlet to organize your thoughts and feelings. This is opposed to risking your personal relationships by using them as your unofficial therapists.


Therapy has become more accessible over the last two years. With COVID keeping the world on lockdown, the need for virtual or tele-therapy became a growing concern, as more people felt they needed a therapist and there were no open offices to receive them. While most restrictions have lifted post-quarantine, the therapy community is thriving with its increased accessibility.


Finding a therapist that you enjoy meeting and feel comfortable talking to isn’t always super easy, but with the new wave of options it pays to find a way to get started. Do not be discouraged if you might switch therapists a few times before finding someone you are interested in working with as that is completely normal. Whether you go for group therapy, support grounds, individual in-person or virtual therapy, the first step will always be getting started, so take that first step in 2022.


Stop Dieting


Dieting can be incredibly dangerous. A doctor-prescribed diet is usually healthy, balanced, and necessary, but fad diets wreck havoc on your body, despite their temporary positive effects. Fad diets are often unsustainable, both financially and nutritionally. They are crafted to be effective in the short-term so their success stories will spread like wildfire, but because no one wants to admit that they gained weight back, which is what often happens after the initial weight-loss period, people assume that the diet did it’s job.


Instead of continuing the dangerous and destructive lifestyle that is dieting, try changing your relationship with food. No one should feel guilty or ashamed after eating, but many people do. An unhealthy relationship with food is marked by that type of food-centric guilt, whether you ate food because you were sad or because you were genuinely hungry.


Creating a healthy relationship with the food around you will make you feel less restricted, less guilty, and will give you control over your food intake, emotions, and weight. It is not a quick, overnight process, but it will produce sustainable and enjoyable results in the long-run.


Take a Staycation


Let us be very clear by what we mean: a staycation is not time off that you use to clean your house or do your errands. Those are things that you might need to set time aside for, but a staycation is a vacation, through and through. Staycations are great because you avoid the stress that comes with the packing, planning, travelling, and financials of a normal vacation while still enjoying all the same freedoms.


So if you do not travel for a staycation, then what do you do? For the most part, that is up to you. Staycations are great because you can take the time to be in a place where you feel comfortable and safe and explore the local opportunities you haven’t been able to because of work or an otherwise busy schedule. Play with your pets, find new foods that you like, or maybe try out a local event that you otherwise wouldn’t have time for.


Staycations effect the mind and the body in simple and positive ways. Stress reduction can do wonders for a person and, while vacations are supposed to reduce stress, they often induce as much stress as they release, leaving you exhausted. Instead of ending a vacation where you started, make the best of it with a staycation.


Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule


Sleep is a vital part of our lives, but, specifically, a vital part of our recovery. Whether we are physically, mentally, or emotionally struggling or hurt, sleep gives our body the release of pressure that we need to begin healing. As an additional measure, a consistent sleep schedule does wonders for our bodies as it creates a physical and internalized schedule that ensures we get enough sleep.


When trying to set up a consistent sleep schedule, make sure that you are not over or under-sleeping. How and how long you sleep are both important factors to ensuring that that you are getting quality sleep. On average, adults need 7-9 hours of consistent sleep. While sleeping positions vary between individuals, it is important to monitor how you feel in the morning as trapping a limb under you during the night can lead to muscle tension and reduce recovery.


Visit Your Doctors


Be it the dentist, dermatologist, or general practitioner, your doctors are there to help you. A yearly visit with them can ether ensure that you are healthy and making good choices or can catch the warning signs of something serious, which can end up saving your life.


While it can be easy to think that we would notice an issue in our own bodies if it was serious, there are many symptoms that fly under the radar. Your doctors are trained professionals who can get to the root of your symptoms, or lack thereof, so seeing a healthcare professional regularly is a great way to ensure that you stay healthy and get to enjoy a long life.


If you are looking to help people have a healthy and long life from the side of a provider, check out our job board! If you are looking for a different type of opportunity and want to speak with a recruiter who can help you find it, then send us in your updated resume and we’ll be happy to reach out as soon as possible!


Radius Staffing Solutions would like to wish you all a happy and healthy new year!

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