50 Reasons For 50 States: Work Edition

50 Reasons for 50 States: Work Edition

How do you decide where the best job opportunity for you is? Is it just whatever is closest, what lets you travel, or what pays the most? What is the opportunity you considered golden near your home turned out to be easily beatable in another state or a further location?

Take a look at our top reasons for working and living in every state in the USA and decide if relocation or travel positions in another location might be the right move for you!


Alabama’s higher education opportunities are certainly nothing to scoff at. If you are looking to work your way up in your field, being in a place that is lauded over for its higher education opportunities might be the best place for you to grow in.


Companies in Alaska are not unaware of their situation. They know that the state is remote and many move in from out of state to work, so companies often offer great PTO and pay to make up for the difference and ensure that people are able to travel to visit family and friends.


Arizona has a booming economy right now. Because of this, they are able to boast about diverse and new job opportunities, so looking here for a new job could provide a market that changes day-by-day.


This state varies greatly between small town settings and large cities. Because of this, there are a multitude of working environments for all kinds of professionals, so trying out a new setting is possible without having to entirely relocate first.


While no one wants to start at minimum wage, the fact is that we often do in order to get a foothold in the job market. California is a great spot for getting started as the active nature of the state offers diverse opportunities and the highest minimum wage in the United States at $15.20 per hour.


Colorado’s economic growth has brought in a massive flux of job opportunities. In multiple parts of the state, unemployment has plummeted as more and more people have moved into the area in pursuit of great opportunities, so connecting with a recruiter today is the fastest way to learn more.


The pay gap is still very real and very difficult to combat in many states, but efforts in Connecticut have done wonders in recent years. Connecticut, as of 2020, currently serves as the state closest to closing the gender pay gap, with women earning 97 cents to a man’s dollar.


Delaware’s economy runs heavily on chemical manufacturing, including pharmaceuticals, plastics, and industrial chemicals, so while other states have heavily fluctuating job markets that vary with need, Delaware is a stable place for those who work in these necessary fields.


No income tax is certainly an appeal for working in Florida. As the average state income tax in the US is 13.29%, you can be sure that each check you get in Florida feels a noticeable amount heavier.


Georgia is proving to be an especially great state for those who are interested in working in healthcare. In recent years, Georgia has had an increased demand for medical professionals, so much so that, in 2019, healthcare jobs took up the list of the 10 fastest growing jobs in the state.


Hawaii has a booming economy from travel and state investments, but a labor shortage still hangs over the area. This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in moving to the state, though! Take advantage of the opening look for a dream job in a dream location.


Not a fan of a long commute? Idaho may be the best spot for you! The state is less dense than many others, so it isn’t a huge surprise that the U.S. Census found that the average travel time for workers in Idaho was significantly less than the country’s average.


Thriving metropolis areas and low unemployment rates can both be largely attributed to Illinois being a major spot for Fortune500 companies. In 2022, Illinois ranked 4th in the country for the amount of Fortune500 companies based there, a fact that has only served to bring in more talent and a more diverse economy.


Over the last several decades, Indiana has been steadily outpacing the national average for personal profits. In the last year, the state’s average has steadily hiked it’s way above the country’s, making this a great location to make and save money throughout your career.


No one loves a long commute, no matter how many episodes of a good podcast you’ve saved. Between having to stay vigilant for long periods of time and stressing about beating traffic on the way to work, it can be hard to find a silver lining, but Iowa may just have done it. Iowa has no toll roads! Enjoy your car ride a little more, be it for work or pleasure, knowing that you don’t have to pay a dime.


Kansas’ workforce is largely divided between service and farming industries. Between starter jobs or experienced professional opportunities, job seekers can find it all in Kansas, especially with the help of Radius recruiters!


If you’re looking for healthcare opportunities, you’re in luck! Out of the top 10 fastest growing jobs in Kentucky, healthcare professions are nine of them! Before you start applying, be sure to reach out to our healthcare recruiters at Radius to see if we can help you land that dream job.


Processing power is king in Louisiana. The state’s economy thrives on the work of the coal, mining, and chemical processing industries, so from administration to blue collar to green scrubs, all kinds of job opportunities are available!


The job market across the country has been abruptly changing between being up or down seemingly on whim, but Maine has worked hard to stay away from that. From the federal reserve’s crackdown, job growth has slowed, but there are still many fantastic new opportunities opening every day, even if they’re coming out a little slower than they did before.


If ranked by employment, Maryland’s top industries are nearly entirely service work, from healthcare to government and everything between. Maryland is a fantastic location to find a new opportunity and hit the ground running!


With a diverse economy that comes from being leaders in healthcare, technology, education, and more, Massachusetts is set as the second wealthiest state in the US, sitting only barely behind Washington. The average income in Massachusetts is over $85K and has steadily been growing since 2019.


In early 2022, Michigan was declared to have the number one economy in the US. Since their sudden manufacturing boom in 2019, Michigan groups have made major efforts to continue moving forward, creating areas with affordable housing, opening opportunities for new talent, and starting more inclusive products in their biggest industries. It’s a great spot to live and grow, no matter what field your career is in.


As of 2022, Minnesota has been rated as one of the top overall states for healthcare benefits for employees. The criteria was a combination of healthcare costs, accessibility, and outcomes specifically in terms of employment plans, which can be a huge relief to know when making a big change, such as relocating or traveling.


Small town living means that most companies train and promote from within, so working in Mississippi is a great way to get a jump start on moving your career forwards. Additionally, it serves as a great opportunity to observe and learn new tricks of the trade as smaller teams can only function as well as others with talented individuals making up for the difference in manpower.


In recent years, Missouri’s unemployment rate has steadily declined. With the rise of industries such as chemical and chemical processing during the pandemic, as well as thriving industries from beforehand, such as food processing, electronic goods, and beer, it is clear that there will only be more and better opportunities opening here in coming years.


The resource and service industries drive most of Montana’s economy, but one would be remiss to forget about healthcare. In 2021 alone, the healthcare systems in Montana brought in over 83,000 jobs and the industry has only continued to grow since then, so if you are interested, reach out to our Radius recruiters and see what new opportunities are available today.


Administrative, service, and healthcare are all in high need in Nebraska. in terms of healthcare, registered nurses are the 6th most popular job in Nebraska, but there are plenty of other opportunities for healthcare professionals who are interested.


Nevada has had it a bit rough in recent years, but they are starting to get back on their feet. A recent creation of 7,700 jobs in July has helped drop the unemployment rate to 4.4%, still higher than the national average, but a huge improvement from last year. More jobs are sure to be following soon, so keep an eye out!

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is another state that is looking to grow their medical prowess. A recent job market analysis puts healthcare jobs as the dominating roles in the top 10 growing jobs in the state, meaning that this is a fantastic place to start your job search.

New Jersey

New Jersey has been on a fast-paced recovery plan since their tourism industry took a heavy hit in early 2020. Now that most restrictions are lifted, the state has been putting in extra effort to regain their tourism and supply new jobs to all levels of professionals in a flurry of fields to get their economy moving again. It is a good idea to take advantage of growth like this!

New Mexico

New Mexico is another state that has taken off in their recovery attempts. They have been so successful that recent months have shown unemployment rates in the state to be below where they were when the pandemic started. After fighting through massive wildfires, a pandemic, and a substantial economic break during the pandemic, this is a sign of good times to come in New Mexico.

New York

Healthcare, transportation, and sales are at the top of New York’s wishlist in 2022. As a congested state with heavy  tourism traffic, it should not surprise anyone that healthcare roles are always in need and open, but there is a serious shortage for support roles, so if you are interested in New York, apply to one of our roles today!

North Carolina

Now that North Carolina has recovered to pre-pandemic levels, the soaring job growth we have seen in recent months is starting to slow. The economy is growing and evening to a stable level, but jobs are becoming more specialized and won’t be moving as fast as they have, so take this time now to take advantage of jobs postings and recruiter help to land that job before it is gone tomorrow.

North Dakota

Education, healthcare, and skilled trade top the charts for what is needed in North Dakota. Everything from phlebotomists to athletic trainers to nuclear medicine technologists have roles open for them, so brush up on your interviewing skills and apply before they’re filled.


Registered nurses, medical secretaries, and medical assistants have had some of the most rapid growth in Ohio. There is still a strong need for specialists and skilled workers all over the state, but the needs will start plateauing soon, so now is not the time to wait!


Oklahoma has historically been linked to the production of fossil fuels, as well as mining the necessary material to process such fuels. As our country is still heavily dependent on these fuels, Oklahoma has kept a steadily progressive economy for some time now, though it may wiggle a bit in response to massive changes in the cost of fossil fuels. That being said, the state economy is stable enough that it makes for a great area to work, as jobs feel more secure and money feels like it has value.


Oregon is another state that has managed to recover and surpass their employment standings from early 2020. Between construction, high-tech, healthcare, and more, Oregon is on a steady growth curve but it not showing major signs of slowing, so now is the time to begin a job hunt in earnest.


Eight industries have typically dominated the economy in Pennsylvania. Energy, life sciences and medicines, robotics, and more all have major companies who call the state their home. Thankfully, most of these fields are rather stable, so jumping into Pennsylvania’s job market might be hard for someone starting out, but there will be opportunities galore for those who stick with it.

Rhode Island

Since hitting a historic low in April 2020, Rhode Island has been making a slow and steady effort to recultivate their workforce and lower the unemployment rate. In the last year alone, the unemployment rate fell from 6.0% in Rhode Island to 2.7%, which is now lower than the national average. As the growth curve starts to top out and even off, securing a job will become more difficult, so reach out to one of our recruiters to see if we can help you land that job you’re interested in.

South Carolina

The open job count in South Carolina currently has six digits, but nearly half of the possible workforce isn’t working. This may be a red flag to some but a golden ticket to others, as one of the most actionable reasons for this is simply geography. If you are willing to go to the jobs, they prove to be open, responsive, and very much in need, so be sure to apply today.

South Dakota

South Dakota is largely a farming and manufacturing state, so jobs are always open and available there. That being said, the rapid growth of cities, such as the aptly named Rapid City, are bringing in new types of labor to begin to compete with farming, such as an expansion of healthcare, more service industries, and more.


Major cities such as Nashville have been named by the Wall Street Journal to be some of the hottest job markets. Currently Nashville sits in second place, but the analysis looks at unemployment rate, labor-force participation rate, job growth, labor force growth, and wage growth, so there are five categories worth of opportunities to step into first place.


While Tennessee sits in second place on the Wall Street Journal’s list, Texas is sitting pretty in first place. The city of Austin ranked not only with the WSJ, but also managed to become the first Texas city to recover to pre-pandemic levels, which is certainly nothing to scoff at.


Every state strives for low employment, but a 2% unemployment rate simply means that there are not enough people to fill open jobs. Because of this, Utah is in serious need right now, so reach out to our recruiters today and let us help you find the right opportunity.


Nurses and social workers are topping the biggest-need charts in yet another state. Alongside them are physicians, engineers, and more, so there is more than simply a chance that you’ll find a great position. Looking out today is a great way to ensure finding you dream job tomorrow.


Virginia is one of 22 right-to-work states, meaning that jobs cannot be terminated due to someone’s membership or affiliation, or lack thereof, with a union. For those in labor and service industries, this can be a great way to ensure that you are financially covered with the help of others, but only in a way that you agree to, not in a way that you are forced to agree with.


As one of the 7 states that offers employees no personal income tax, Washington’s employees get to enjoy a comfortable bump to their paycheck. The cities in Washington State are fast growing and evolving, so new opportunities are also a staple of working life here.

West Virginia

With the leading industry being coal and mining, it is only natural that healthcare in West Virginia is top-notch. Due to the difficult terrain of the state, each individual healthcare facility has to be top-notch as there may not be a lot of locations one can make it to in an emergency, so healthcare job opportunities for those who are passionate about their work are plentiful in this state.


After an incredible crash during the beginning of the pandemic, Wisconsin’s job market has come back as strong as ever. As of 2022, unemployment rates vary around 3.0% and look to be continuously dropping with time, meaning that a thriving and growing economy is just around the corner, even for the furthest reaches of the state.


Working: The last state alphabetically is also the last state with no personal income tax, as of 2022. On top of this Wyoming, as a state where most jobs outside of cities are in resource extraction, offers great healthcare benefits and plans to keep their people safe.

As you can tell, each state has its own charms and advantages. If you are looking to pursue a new opportunity and maybe take advantage of this newfound knowledge, then reach out to us here today or apply to one of our open jobs here. Either way, we will connect you with a dedicated recruiter to help find the job of your dreams

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