Are Temporary-to-permanent Job Right For Your Company?

Are Temp-to-Perm Jobs Right for Your Company?

The last few years have brought all new types of work styles to different types of careers. Many have noticed that hybrid, remote, and travel have all increased since the beginning of the pandemic, but less have noticed the growth of temp-to perm opportunities.

Temporary to permanent job opportunities (also known as temp-to-perm) are positions that start as temporary, but are defined with timelines and conditions for candidates to be hired on permanently. This differs from temporary contracts as it creates the mindset of both the company and the candidates that the position is there for both sides to decide if they are interested in continuing the arrangement.

If you are interested in learning why candidates and prospective employees should be interested in these types of offers, then click here. If you are interested in how this can benefit companies, the keep reading.

Benefits of Temp-to-Perm Job Offers

Hiring is often a stressful process, even for entry-level opportunities. Companies must search for candidates, decide what merits a candidate of quality, set up interviews, and create enticing offers all before even determining if the candidate will be a good fit for the workplace’s culture. While Radius recruiters specialize in removing a great deal of this burden for any type of role or contract, there are simply some things that will only fall under the purview of the company, such as whether or not the candidate will fit into the day-to-day life of the workplace.

Utilizing temp-to-perm offers is a great way to battle the fear of hiring the unknown. A candidate can sound great on paper, but prove to be impersonal when working together. A candidate could also nail the interview but not have the skills they claimed to have when put to work. Of course, candidates can also be an absolute match to the company, but why risk passing that candidate up? With temp-to-perm roles, you can test-drive potential employees in all sorts of situations to ensure that you only walk away with the right candidate for you.

There is always the possibility that a role simply does not fit the candidate. The reason for firing an employee or not hiring a candidate is often less important than how the company goes about doing so. Amicable splits between companies and employees ensure good reviews, reputations, and referrals are to follow, but a soured experience can make it hard to get qualified individuals to take on the vacated role.

Temp-to-perm roles help relieve the stress of situations such as these. Instead of firing someone after having only recently hired them can be difficult on the company, financially and socially, Instead, in cases such as these, candidates and employers can understand that the temporary period will be the only role offered, so candidates will be able to look for other means of employment, leaving them feeling last hectic or lost.

A positive reputation with, not only current employees, but also past employees is a great way to create a network of referrals for other opportunities. Employees and candidates will not often send those they like or trust to a location that they fear will treat them badly, so maintaining a good image and relationship with those who have left is an important factor when it comes to hiring quality talent.

Are Temp-to-Perm Job Offers Right for Your Company?

Despite their extensive benefits, the fact is that not every company finds temp-to-perm opportunities to be a good fit. In companies that prioritize training fresh candidates from the ground up without prior experience, temp-to-perm roles will largely be wasted, as the company should be focused on finding dedicated candidates, not necessarily those with talent or skill. If a company is interested in finding high-quality candidates that will be able to jump into work immediately, then these kinds of opportunities are a perfect was to minimize the risk of hiring new talent and still reap the benefits.

For rural locations, highly specialized roles, or other hard-to-fill types of positions, temp-to-perm roles can be life savers. Travel and temp work are common in healthcare settings, so offering a temporary-to-permanent role allows those who are more familiar with travel or short-term roles to try out the location and the role before they buy into it for the long-term. Additionally, due to their familiarity with these types of positions, candidates that accept offers such as these are fast to adjust to the roles they are placed within, even with unfamiliar surroundings.

If a candidate decides to leave, there is the benefit of the role having been filled for a temporary amount of time, giving the company the leeway to search for a new candidate. If a candidate decides that they are interested in staying in the role permanent, the company will feel comfortable in accepting or denying the request based on how they performed in the temporary period of the contract, which will help combat hiring regrets from either side.

If your budget is tight for this quarter but you are finding that you are still in need of a quality candidate, then working with Radius to create temp-to-perm job offers is the perfect solutions for you. The average opportunity such as this might not seem budget-friendly due to it being, possibly, a short-term solution with a high possible payout, depending on benefits and other exhaustive measures that come from the hiring process.

Thankfully, Radius Staffing Solutions offers to cover all of the benefits for full-time candidates until they are signed into permanent roles with you, their new employer. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this trial period without feeling like you are paying for it on the back end.

If you are interested in learning more or connecting with a recruiter to set up your own temp-to-perm job opportunities, then reach out to us by clicking here. We will provide dedicated and specialized recruiters to find the best possible candidates for whatever healthcare roles you need to fill.

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