Celebrating Halloween In A Workspace

Celebrating Halloween in a Workspace

At Radius Staffing Solutions, our recruiters are incredibly dedicated to their work, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t like to celebrate! Every year, our recruiters decorate, dress up, and enjoy the holidays together without taking away from their work.

You might ask how they balance festivities with work without dedicating extra hours or finances. It is a fair question, so take a look at how we did it and get ready to enjoy the workplace holiday season without stress!


Seasonal greetings are a great way to get in the right mindset without disturbing your workflow! Change up your voicemail and maybe even your greeting during phone calls to match the spooky season. Look to incorporate music in the background and add some flair for the month with some Halloween buzzwords, like “spooky”, “haunting”, and “ghoulish”. Try something along these lines:

Thank you for calling. Currently, we are experiencing a haunting and all phone lines are down. Four teenagers and a meddling pup are on their way to help. Please leave your name, number, and a short message after the scream and we will be sure to get back to you once the gang wraps up!

Or check out some of these tried and true options here. Just remember to set a reminder to change it back after October is over!

Costume Party

No Halloween is complete without a costume party of some kind, but that doesn’t mean that the whole day needs to stop because of it. Work with your officemates to find a theme that allows you to work comfortably or fits a specific theme for the office itself.

For example, if you are a healthcare professional, try to work that into your costume theme. Look to do “healthcare workers in Lord of the Rings” and watch as people come in decked out in a creative look without breaking away from the necessary dress code for a workplace.

Pumpkin Contest

One of the best parts about a pumpkin decorating contest is that it can be done from anywhere! Fun contests like this allow for remote workers or multiple teams to get involved without difficult or costly trips.

Smaller companies can have everyone compete and vote individually, but that might be too time consuming for bigger companies. Instead, either divide up the company by division, random chance, or let people pick their own team. This way, you limit not only the costs and time each team is likely to spend, but also allow for employees to bond over something creative and fun!


Sometimes, it just works out where there is no leeway of time to host festivities. Whether that is the case or you are just looking to stack the snack bar at the office Halloween party, seasonal snacks are still a great way to let people get involved! Let people pick what kind of snacks they want to bring and encourage people to fit that year’s theme.

If people are not interested in dressing up or participating in the season, this is a good way to involve them! Good food is good food, with or without a theme, so they can enjoy the season with their coworkers without feeling pressure to do what they don’t want to.

Themed Rewards

Does your office give out merit prizes throughout the month? Even if you don’t normally do it, acts like these are a great way to help everyone keep their head in the game throughout a busy and distracting month.

While the contests can be themed around Halloween, the prizes don’t have to be. Focus on giving your employees to get something they would generally be excited about to ensure that their passion doesn’t try out before the end of the month.

Thematic Emails

It’s no secret that all kinds of workplaces heavily depend on email, so why not give it a boost this Halloween season? Look to make custom signatures, inventive subject lines, or even fun template for employees to use to draw in that extra attention through dedication.

These practices work well in our office because we invited open discussion and heard ideas and worries from each team member. If you are looking for a new and inviting workplace like that, then check out our job board here or send us an updated resume and we’ll connect you with a specialized recruiter! It’s time to enjoy the spooky season with a workplace that you love!

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