COVID Ban Mandate Map

Check Your State: Mandated or Banned?

In the face of the coronavirus delta variant, the United States is seeing a resurgence of safety precaution mandates. In equal form, we are also seeing protests and bans on these safety mandates in almost as many locations.


Due to a lack of federal ruling, the decision on what can and will be mandated is almost entire up to legislature at a state level. The only true restrictions on the matter come from the Americans with Disabilities and Civil Rights acts, which prohibits discrimination against individuals who have disabilities.


In the map below, which we plan to update regularly until the end of 2021, we combined several layers of important information to give a general overview at what we are looking at. The factors being judged include whether the state is allowing vaccine passports and/or doing a mandate or ban on vaccine or masks for private employers, state workers, and/or health workers.


The states highlighted in blue are those that have adopted at least one of the aforementioned conditions. States highlighted in purple have banned or refuse the right to enact any of the previous conditions. While most of these states are relatively sure on their position and seem to stick to it no matter what group is being focused on, states like Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma, and New Hampshire, all of whom decided that healthcare organizations are exempt from any state-wide bans.


Take a look now and keep an eye out for changes in the coming weeks as we continue to update the map and our information.



Keep in mind that this is a general overview of what we are looking at in terms of mandates and bans. If you are looking for state or facility-specific information that goes more in-depth, then send us in your resume and we will connect you with a recruiter who can help! If you are interested in a job we already have posted on our job board, you can apply directly though there as well.


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