Choosing Between Multiple Job Offers

Choosing Between Multiple Job Offers


When looking for a new job, people often say that the worst thing you can hear is no. So what would the best thing be? While it might be a bit stressful, having multiple opportunities to choose from can be one of the best outcomes when interviewing for jobs.


Recruiters with Radius Staffing Solutions make a distinct effort to eliminate as much stress as possible from job hunting, but decisions like this, ultimately, are up to you! To help, we have pulled together some of our best tips for deciding between multiple job offers. Take some time to apply these tips to your choices and make a seemingly impossible decision feel possible.


What Are You Looking For?


Asking ‘what are you looking for’ is a bit of an obvious tip, to be sure, but it can be easily forgotten in the excitement of a new opportunity. The hope is that you have made a list early on of what you are looking for, but it is never too late to start this part of the process.


Take some time to list out the factors that are most important to you. Are you looking for consistent hours, money, location, or schooling? Are you interested in benefits, retirement plans, or long-term rewards from the company? Find the details that fit into your goals for the next few years, not just today, and list them out from most important to least important.


Once you have done that, go through and highlight the elements of each job offer that address these in a positive way. If a job offer is missing information, make a note of it to follow up about before accepting or denying any offer.


What Are You Not Looking For?


Remembering the less savory parts of previous jobs is not what most people want to do when considering a new opportunity, but it could keep you from making a big mistake. Considering the parts of jobs that made you unhappy in the past can give you an idea of your personal red flags in a job offer. If this is your first job, consider school experience or volunteer work that might give you an idea of what you want to avoid.


Once you have an idea of what you want to dodge, go through the job offer and mark elements that match with another color. For example, do you dislike large companies or open offices? Is a flexible schedule a necessity? Do you have minimum requirements that you need your new job to hit for pay or benefits?


If you ignore factors such as these, you put yourself at risk of being unhappy in your new opportunity, which will simply lead you to looking for a new opportunity all over again. While it is not inherently bad to look for new jobs when you feel it is necessary, doing it too often will start to show as a red flag for future employers.


Once you have your core values listed out and marked on your job offers, compare your lists and see which opportunity appeals to those values more. Does one of the opportunities clearly outweigh the other, or are the negative values of one forgivable when considering the positive values? Ultimately, that choice is entirely yours.


Consult Your Recruiter


Job hunting can be overwhelming, and even more so when you are in a complicated and filled job field like we often see in healthcare. If you want to come out on top, getting help is a great idea! The best recruiters are there to assist you every step of the way, from crafting a resume to signing a job offer. They are especially great laying out the factors to consider when you are faced with difficult choices, like choosing between two job opportunities.


Recruiters are also a great resource for obtaining additional information. When comparing job opportunities, you might notice that one position includes details that another one only describes vaguely. Thankfully, Radius recruiters make a point to have a good working relationship with their clients, so asking them to pass on follow-up questions is simple instead of awkward.


These decisions are far from easy, but breaking them down into smaller, more digestible pieces can relieve a fair amount of difficulty. If you are interested in teaming up with a recruiter who can help find your perfect opportunity and help you make difficult choices like this, then check out our job page! Apply directly to a job opportunity or send us your resume and we will connect you with a dedicated recruiter who will help you out.

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