Critical Care Recognition Month

Critical Care Recognition Month

Critical Care Recognition Month is an annual event that takes place in May to promote awareness and appreciation of the critical care teams that work tirelessly around the clock to provide life-saving services and care. It’s a time to honor the dedication, courage, and commitment of these health professionals who are often caregiver heroes.

As healthcare systems become increasingly overburdened due to COVID-19 pandemic, Critical Care Recognition Month is now more important than ever before. This month highlights the hard work and sacrifice of those on the frontlines who are working towards providing life-saving medical care to individuals suffering from critical illness or injury.

It’s a celebration of critical care teams including respiratory, occupational/physical, and speech-language therapists, nurses, doctors, AP professionals, pharmacists, paramedics, radiologists and other specialists who provide critical healthcare services. During this month we recognize their tireless efforts in delivering quality healthcare tailored for each patient’s needs.

Healthcare professional organizations throughout the United States are hosting events during Critical Care Recognition Month to bring attention to the vital role these dedicated professionals play in modern medicine. These include webinars, educational forums as well as online campaigns meant to spread awareness about the importance of critical care teams in our healthcare system.

Each year during Critical Care Recognition Month, medical providers receive awards that recognize their years of service and dedication in providing compassionate and life-saving services for patients. This event provides a moment of appreciation for these brave heroes who tirelessly serve others day after day with courage and commitment even when facing tremendous adversity including burnout, fatigue or physical damages due to long hours worked.

These frontline workers have put their own lives at risk every day by being exposed to highly contagious diseases while caring for those affected by them such as COVID-19 patients in order to minimize the spread and impact of this deadly virus across the U.S population. Therefore it is essential that we all take part in recognizing their hard work and showing our appreciation for their invaluable contribution during this difficult time. Show your support by wearing blue on May 19th!

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