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From Temporary to Permanent: A Resource Guide to Housing

Sometimes, you get lucky and find your perfect job close to your existing home. Other times, finding the right combination of pay, benefits, career prospects, and location can feel near impossible. While the idea of leaving your current home can seem odd, being open to the idea can create fantastic opportunities for you and your family.


Relocating can feel like a heavy weight to add to your shoulders, or a risk for a new job. Thankfully, our recruiters have handled all types of relocations. From highly populated cities to small rural towns, we know the ins and outs to relocating in a way that is comfortable and efficient for you and your family.


Temporary Housing and Extended Stays


Temporary housings and extended stays are a great benefit for jobs that are far from your current residence and are looking to set a probationary period. While that may seem like a lack of commitment on their part, more often it means that they are looking to make sure both sides are comfortable with the new arrangement before it is permanent.


Temporary housings usually last several weeks and are perfect for the aforementioned probationary periods or if you are unfamiliar with the area. These housing arrangements are usually used by out-of-towners, so they are often placed in easy-to-access areas. This could be a good way to start familiarizing yourself with a location.


Extended stays are great for multi-month stays. If you know the area you are looking to move to may have a limited housing market, it is better to take an extended stay instead of rushing to buy a house. With or without a probationary period this is a great way to enter a new location with caution instead of panic.


Most Flexible Option for Temporary Housing: AirBNB (both short-term and monthly options)


Industry Leader for Extended Stays: Marriott Extended Stay


Budget-Friendly alternative: Extended Stay America




Renting is a great middle option between temporary housing and buying property. Renting can be a huge stress relief for those worried about temporary solutions but are not ready to buy.


Rentals are often easy to extend and can be a comfortable living space for many years. Additionally, many rentals allow for personalization that could make it feel more homey. Finding a rental can be easier said than done sometimes, so check out these top resources to see if there are local options.


Furnished Rentals and Rooms: Sublet


Industry Leader for Rentals: Apartments.com


Updated Often with Active Listings: Zumper




Buying is a long-term commitment and a great way to set roots in a new location. That being said, it can be incredibly limited and expensive. If you need to buy a house in order to relocate, you will want to work with people who have connections in place all across the country. Below are some of the top rated resources for buying property.


Official Website of the National Association of Realtors: Realtor


Leading Marketplace Search Engine: Zillow


For Sale By Owner: FSOB


Local Level Resources


Local level resources change by location. While they are not universal sources of information, connecting with these resources could give you a better idea about the area you are relocating to and how best to do it.


The Chamber of Commerce is a network of businesses that come together to promote and protect the interests of its members. While there can be international members in chambers of commerce, it is usually focused on local groups. Calling or sending in questions by email can give you an insight to local landlords or housing options.


Social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram, or even Reddit, can serve as another great way to connect with local people who are looking for roommates or landlords who are advertising for tenants. Joining social media groups and posting for what you are looking for can also be a great way to open conversation with future neighbors.


If you are having trouble figuring out what you are looking for or need additional help getting started with your search, word of mouth is another great resource to utilize. If you are unsure how to start the conversation with your future workplace, talk to your recruiter and they will be sure to reach out for information on your behalf.


If you are interested in new opportunities, relocation or otherwise, check out our job opportunities page. If you don’t see something that fits your needs, submit your resume to us directly and we will connect you to one of our specialized recruiters.

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