Gaming Your Way To Relaxation During Finals Week

Gaming Your Way to Relaxation During Finals Week

Every generation had some type of popular game, from sports to video games, and, while growing up, every generation had some variation of “no games until you finished your homework”. With finals nearing and students working as hard as ever, it can be difficult to remember that, sometimes, games should come first.

There are many cases where games are the emotional release you need to be able to focus on activities such as studying or homework. It is well known that exercise, especially aerobic exercise, is helpful in countering mental exhaustion or burnout, but there are times where that is not an option. So, what do you do?

Video games have become increasingly accessible and varied over the last decade. They are no longer focused on being violent or loud to simply make a point. Phone, console, and PC games have all made efforts to create diverse games that offer solutions to people’s needs. In recent years, stress-free games have become increasingly popular as the need for a mental and emotional escape rose.

Finding the right stress-free game when you need it most can be hard, so we are making it a bit easier. Check out our top 6 games for de-stressing during finals right here!

PC Games:

House Flipper

House Flipper is a fantastic game for creative release while studying. The game employs simple graphics and challenges to progress forward, but there is very little to the story itself, so it becomes easy to turn off after a challenge or two.

The challenges themselves are more creative than stressful, emphasizing the ability to choose decorations, color schemes, and more over having to stick to any type of timer. The rush of endorphins that comes with completing quests can help reinvigorate you for the next period of studying as well!


Sailwind is another first-person quest game, this time taking place on the open seas. Instead of directing your focus to creative endeavors, Sailwind gives you the challenge of completing deliveries and surviving against hunger, thirst, and the ocean itself. If you prefer to relax by overcoming a direct challenge, then this might just be the game for you.

Console Games:


This open world game uses soft-keyed music and stunning imagery to create a relaxing and enjoyable gameplay. Journey is platform gaming at heart, so be prepared for fun leaps and some interesting puzzles. It is a PlayStation exclusive, but the Grammy-nominated soundtrack is available if you are interested in enjoying the experience without the console.

Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat is a game of ridiculous physics, fun puzzles, and an easy-to-enjoy art style. The game is silly and light hearted, making it the perfect way to unwind with friends after an exam! While the game is available on nearly all popular platforms, it is not crossplay, so coordinate with your friends before buying.

Phone Games:

Stardew Valley

Leaving the busy urban life behind and running off to start a farm can sound really enticing after exam week, so Stardew Valley is there to help satisfy that impulse. This is a relaxing game where you can create a thriving farm, become friends with NPCs in a small town, and enjoy simple quests. This is an easy game to get lost in, so make sure you exams are done before you get started.

Monument Valley

If puzzles and simple graphics are your game, then Monument Valley is for you. The first game in this trilogy has you following along a dreamscape where reality is shaped to your will, allowing you to cross impossible spaces. Escaping reality, or reshaping it, at least, has never been more beautiful or more portable.

If these games help you relax during these stressful times, let us know below! If looking for a job is another stressor you would like help with, we can do that too. Check out our job page here or send us an updated resume here and we’ll connect you with a dedicated healthcare recruiter. Radius has their fingers crossed for all the dedicated students out there during finals season. We’ll see you on the other side!

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