Having a Sense of Urgency in Your Healthcare Job Search

Maintaining a sense of urgency is one of the most important actions you can take when seeking a new role in healthcare. A sense of urgency does not mean rushing through your job search in a panic; it means being proactive, present and involved in all aspects of the process. 


In conjunction with your qualifications and skills, your behavior during a job search can play a huge role in the direction it takes – and can also be demonstrative to employers about how you will act once you start the job. Ask yourself: does it matter if you’re a stand-out candidate if you act aloof about landing a coveted position in the first place? 


We have previously looked at how time kills all deals for recruiters and hiring managers, and the same thing rings true for job seekers. Read on for all of our reasons why being urgent in your healthcare job search is good practice. 


Be Invested in your Healthcare Job Search


First things first: you have to know what you want, or at least have a good idea. The likelihood of you participating passionately in a job search that you don’t feel connected to is low, so take some time to think before diving in. There are countless intricacies in healthcare that you can consider: are you looking for a position in a large facility or do you want to relocate to a more rural area? Do you want to work in an acute-care hospital or a family clinic? Do you like working with a small staff or part of a big team?


If you aren’t fully invested in (and enthusiastic about) the job in question, your recruiter will have a harder time feeling it themselves. The more your recruiter knows about what you want, and the more involved you are, the easier it will be for a productive partnership to form. 


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Communicate your Job Requirements


A lack of communication was cited by job seekers as the most frustrating part of the job search process – in a competitive and time-sensitive hiring market, it can be assumed that recruiters and hiring managers appreciate open lines of communication too. 


Providing constructive and timely feedback, as well as follow-ups to the people involved in your job search is important. Don’t be the candidate that disappears for days at a time when your recruiter is working tirelessly to research positions and schedule interviews for you. Recruiters will sometimes have a very narrow window when coordinating with facilities and candidates, so making yourself available at all times is respectful and beneficial to everyone involved.


Be Urgent, Yet Flexible


Any recruiter will tell you the same thing: the job search process rarely follows a predictable path. The average time-to-fill for an open healthcare position sits at around 49 days; however, some of the best jobs can get swept up in just a couple of days, and there are other positions that take months to fill based on the facilities objectives. Perhaps most frustrating of all is that sometimes the urgency and excitement you have doesn’t match that of potential employers, creating an ‘urgency paradox’ – and we agree this can be discouraging.


Being flexible to all of the irregularities of a job search is key – losing interest because a job search is taking too long, for example, is bad form. Your recruiter is doing their best to secure you a job, so remaining enthusiastic and present will go a long way in keeping motivations high! 


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