Healthcare Awareness Opportunities In February

Healthcare Awareness Opportunities in February

The month of February is packed with opportunities to get involved in healthcare awareness movements. While this month is often dominated by great efforts like American Heart Month or Give Kids a Smile Day, it still pays to bring a little extra attention to the groups whose efforts might get lost in the excitement. Take a look below at some of the groups we’ve decided to highlight and let us know where you plan to get involved!

Month-Long Movements

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD): Also known as Low Vision Awareness Month, AMD Month brings awareness to the vision challenges people can face later in life, specifically those that cannot be cured completely by modern medicine. The goal of this movement is to encourage awareness of the symptoms of signs of growing vision impairments. Early detection allows for people to learn how to adjust to incoming difficulties so they can continue having a high-quality way of life.

International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month: The efforts to prevent prenatal infection are active year-round, but February focuses on education the general population about how to do so. Medical professionals have created the ‘HYGIENE’ mnemonic to help people learn and remember the basic efforts they can take to prevent prenatal infection:

  • H: Handwashing Helps
  • Y: Yes to Prenatal Care
  • G: Good Food Prepared Safely
  • I: Immunizations
  • E: Evade Others’ Bodily Fluids
  • N: No to Unnecessary Invasive Procedures
  • E: Environmental Precautions

Week-Long Movements

Heart Failure Awareness Week: From February 12th to the 20th, Heart Failure Awareness Week takes center stage to educate the public on how to detect and prevent heart failure. In 2022, the theme is ‘Function, not Failure’, which looks to show people how heart failure can be treated depending on the functionality of a patient’s heart.

Sepsis Survivor Week: February 14th to the 20th is Sepsis Survivor Week. Sepsis is the body’s extreme reaction to an infection that requires immediate emergency care. Facing sepsis can be traumatic for the individual, as well as their family and friends, so take some time during this week to listen to their stories and show support where you can. Additionally, be sure to thank the medical professionals whose fast acting ensured that those who were once infected survived.

Single Day Movements

National Donor Day: February 14th is often associated with love, so it is a great day to spread thanks and love to the donors in our lives. This day focuses on organs, tissues, marrow, platelets, and blood as these donations keep our friends and family alive and well. If you have a chance, visit a donation site with your loved ones and help wherever you can, as even a little bit of your time, or tissue, is appreciated.

Rare Disease Day 2022: On February 28th, over 600 events will take place worldwide to bring awareness to the 300+ million people who live with or care for those with rare diseases. These diseases can vary from variations of well-known diseases to mutations or one-of-a-kind infections. While no one is expected to learn about all of these rare diseases, this is a great day to learn more about individual people, their stories, and how you can help educate others.

The groups we are highlighting are great movements that deserve attention and support, but they are certainly not the only ones. If you have the time, try to get involved and support these movements by raising awareness and educating those around you.

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