Healthcare Jobs Rise Despite Low Expectations

Healthcare Jobs Rise Despite Low Expectations

For the larger part of the last year, the Federal Reserve has been attempting to slow rapid growth and pull back inflation rates that have rocketed upwards. From these efforts, economists expected to see America’s workforces buckling under pressure, but were instead surprised to see that, in January of 2023, 517,000 jobs were added to the workforce. Of those, 58,000 were from healthcare positions. 

For healthcare workers, there is a good and bad side to this. The bad side is that, with high needs and minimal layoffs, there is job security, but there is also a history of this being a leading trend to a recession. While healthcare workers are always necessary, it does mean that now is the time to ensure that you are in a role that you want to be in with a wage that can support you with the continued high inflation, as there does not seem to be an end to that in sight without a recession or major change, according to economists. 

The good part is that this means that those looking for a job are likely to find something, even if it is not perfect. The roles may have the high competitive wages that you would usually like to see in many opportunities but that could mean that, when it comes down to cutting a budget, those could also be the first roles to go. Without a doubt, this is overall good news, but do not ignore what professionals are expecting from historical trends. Take the time to put yourself in a better position that is both fitting, financially and professionally, and secure, even in the face of a recession.

As scary as the concept of a looming recession is, there is a glimmer of hope. In the area of wages, we are not seeing the same spikes that we saw in the last year at this time. While higher wages are enjoyable for employees, consistently high wages, a mass influx of new employees, and high inflation rates would all spell doom for the economy. Thankfully, while we still had wage growth, it was not as extreme as previous years, so now is the time to act on new opportunities and get yourself into an indispensable role.

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