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How to Attract Candidates to a Healthcare Facility

At Radius, we are proud to be associated with some of the hardest working and most talented healthcare professionals in the country. We work with both candidates and clients to make long term placements that make everybody happy. As a healthcare facility, you might be wondering what you need to do in order to attract candidates to YOUR location in particular. Employers are working in a candidate-driven market, meaning candidates have much more leverage in the hiring process than ever before. For this reason, brands need to do everything they can to shine brighter than the rest. 

If you are looking for tips on how to attract candidates to your healthcare facility, look no further!

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media and recruiting are a match made in heaven! There are endless ways to promote your facility using various online platforms. You can use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on to connect with job seekers and share content that showcases your jobs, facility and workplace environment in creative ways.

One way to get candidates excited about working at a healthcare facility is giving them an idea of the culture they are getting themselves into. After all, this will be their new second home! Do everything you can to emphasize the great workplace culture that your facility provides its healthcare professionals with, and you will definitely see results.

HR guru Vivian Maza says: “Foster a workplace that thrives on trust and respect for all individuals — and protect that culture every day. Word will get out. Your people will talk, and they’ll refer like-minded, talented people who believe in your culture and your mission.”

Offering Great Benefits

Let’s be realistic: every prospective employee is curious about what perks come along with a new job. It is usually a big factor in deciding where to work, so if your facility has the means to do so, offer as many benefits and perks to prospective candidates as you can. There are ways to get creative with this if there are financial limitations to work around.

Another huge draw for candidates when accepting a new position is knowing that they have the chance to grow with a company – there is nothing attractive about a dead-end position. Knowing there is potential for upward mobility will get candidates excited about applying, and, once hired, encourage them to be hardworking and dedicated team members.

Selling the Location

Many of the facilities that Radius works with are in small, more remote areas, so relocation assistance and sign-on bonuses are often a part of the deal. However, another way to get potential candidates enthusiastic about working outside of the big city is to highlight the location itself. 

For example, if your facility is located among the mountains, emphasize all of the outdoor activities they can participate in. If your facility is by the ocean, you can highlight the potential health benefits from living amongst the fresh air. When it comes to attracting candidates, you are selling the whole package, not just the facility!

Get Feedback from Existing Employees

Every healthcare facility has its ups and downs. When trying to attract new candidates to yours, you will want to address any potential problems or weak spots – and who better to ask than the people that already work there! Getting feedback and collaborating on working towards a better overall facility will improve the professional wellbeing of your existing staff, as well as the newcomers. 

Your current employees can also be seen as brand ambassadors for your facility. A lot of genuine, indirect promotion is achieved through word-of-mouth and networking. Take advantage of the networks that your employees have of healthcare professionals that may not necessarily be on the job hunt. Once they hear all about your amazing healthcare facility from the employees that work there, they may be inclined to reach out.

Be Transparent and Responsive

This may be obvious but overselling your facility with false claims and unrealistic perks is NOT the way to attract candidates. Be upfront and honest about what the job entails and what you can offer your employees. The only thing worse than being understaffed is hiring candidates based on conditions you won’t be able to deliver. 

In addition, being responsive to candidate inquiries and questions they may have in the beginning stages of their job search is an easy way to demonstrate that you care about them. You want to do everything you can to build your brand’s reputation as a place that people actually want to work, and establishing open lines of communication is a vital step in that process.

Work with a Recruiter

Working with a recruiter has many benefits, because it opens up your healthcare facility to much wider scope of potential candidates. Recruiters have the industry connections and resources available to help give facilities a boost when they are coming up empty looking for qualified candidates. 

If you are having trouble attracting candidates to your facility, then it is time to connect with Radius! Check out our open jobs to apply directly to those or connect with a recruiter to learn more about other opportunities that might interest you.

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