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How to Separate Yourself in the Healthcare Job Market

The healthcare job market is experiencing a period of steady growth in the United States and beyond. Several healthcare sectors are growing at a rate that is faster than average, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. While it is a great time to be looking for a job in the healthcare industry, there are still certain roles that require you to separate yourself in a big way in order to edge out the competition. 


On average, only 41% of healthcare candidates that interview for a job receive an offer. Whether you are a pharmacist or a physical therapist, you know the perfect job when you come across it – so how are you going to separate yourself from the rest? Along with the help of a recruiter from Radius, there are things that YOU can do to make sure you are a part of that 40th percentile. 


If you need a few pointers, we have rounded up our top tips that will help you stand out from your peers when pursuing a healthcare opportunity. 


Do Your Research


Doing some preliminary research – including who is interviewing you, the history of the facility, some industry facts and so on – is a non-negotiable requisite in separating yourself as a top talent.

Being prepared will reflect positively on your interviewer, and you never know what talking points you may unearth after some dedicated research time. For example, when interviewing for a pharmacist opportunity, doing some research on the trends affecting the pharmaceuticals market could give you some great topics for discussion.


Ensure you have great answers on hand for common healthcare interview questions, and prepare some questions of your own to ask. But perhaps most importantly, craft a response to ‘Why do you want to work here?’ You need to communicate why you want THIS pharmacist job, not just any pharmacist job.


Highlight Your Soft Skills


You can safely assume that all of the talent that is being considered for the opportunity that you want possesses the required technical qualifications. For this reason, you have to show them how you not only have these qualifications as well, you are so much MORE than that – you’re the whole package! 


The importance of soft skills in separating yourself from the pack has been on the rise for the past few years as they have been shown to help talent thrive in a variety of healthcare roles. Demonstrating that you have qualities such as emotional intelligence, creativity, adaptability and teamwork skills and that you would apply them thoughtfully to this healthcare opportunity is likely to give you a competitive edge.


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Show How You Will Add Value


At every stage of the hiring process, try to separate yourself by demonstrating that your experience, accomplishments and even your personality will add value to the organization in a meaningful way, beyond being technically qualified.


Gaining some insight on the company culture is a good idea, as well. Understanding the company’s values, mission and culture will allow you to determine what they need in a candidate. This info will allow you to speak to how you will be not only a great technical hire, but also a great culture fit – something that is arguably just as important.


Being accommodating to the needs of the employer is another way to separate yourself as an ideal candidate. For example, many hard-to-fill positions may require relocation, a lengthy commute or irregular hours. But regardless of whether the opportunity is in the big city or a rural community, being flexible to the specific needs of the opportunity can be extremely rewarding in the long run. 


The Little Details


Go through your resume and cover letter with a fine-tooth comb, and make sure the information included in these documents is relevant to this specific opportunity. On average, you have approximately seven seconds to grab the attention of the hiring manager, so choose your words wisely. 


While you’re at it, go one step further and make sure your online profiles are clean, professional and speak to your values and interests. 


Sending a thank you note or email after the interview to show your appreciation and to reiterate your interest in the position is one surefire way to stay fresh in the hiring manager’s mind. 


When you are neck and neck with your peers, paying attention to these (not-so) little details can go an incredibly long way. 


Are you looking for a new healthcare opportunity? If yes, reach out to one of our recruiters. Radius conducts nationwide talent searches to make permanent placements at some of the country’s top facilities. Email us directly at or click here!

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