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Introducing Yourself in Your Resume

Building your resume to attract the right hiring managers is a science. It can take a lot of personalization for individual jobs, updating of licensure, or changing of keywords to make your resume stand out amongst the others. One of the best ways to maximize your resume’s ability to leave a lasting impression is to set up an introduction that makes hiring managers feel as though they are reading a resume that is built for the advertised role. 

So how can you best convey that feeling? The most genuine way is to actually change up parts of your resume, especially your introduction paragraph, to fit the exact needs of the desired role. Keep reading below to learn how to best do so.

Make Yourself Standout

Making yourself stand out from the get go is more than just making bold or wild statements. If you try to sound like someone you are not, you likely will not make it past the interview process. If hiring managers bring you in to interview based on how you sounded on your resume only to find that you do not sound the same in person, they will be put off, no matter how good your resume is.

To make sure that your proper voice comes through in your writing, try typing out several drafts. Write about your personality and your experience in the workplace as naturally as if you were speaking. Then, go back through your drafts and pick out the sentences that you think best attest to the work you have done. Use those to recreate a fluid introductory statement before rewriting it in a more formal tone. Do not try to get rid of all of your own voice, just ensure that the sentence structure, grammar, and language are all appropriate before moving to the next step. 

Introduce your goals

Your introduction is about more than just talking about who you are now. This is the best space to first touch on your career goals and how they match with the needs of the position. If you are entering into a new company at an entry level, talk about how you are looking for space to learn and grow as a professional. If you are an experienced professional looking for a new role, talk about how you want to bring your knowledge and expertise with you to your new role to guarantee success for your department. 

If this is a permanent position, talk about your desire for a role with longevity, but if it is a travel or short-term position, emphasize your desire for new experiences. If you need working hours or experience before you take an exam to move forward in your career, this is a good spot to mention that as well, as it lets companies know that you are determined to grow in that direction.   

Add in Keywords

Adding in keywords might seem like a silly reason to constantly touch up your resume, but it can be a great way to get your foot in the door. Realistically, the more generally skilled the job is, the more resumes are coming in daily. Recruiters and hiring managers are likely scanning incoming resumes for the keywords from their job postings to ensure that a candidate is worth pursuing before dedicating time to doing so. 

Keywords should be added throughout your resume, wherever appropriate, but adding them into your introduction is a great way to ensure a recruiter pays attention to your initial statement of why you want to work with them and how you can best help. Your skills will still have to seal the deal, but gaining the attention and time of the hiring personnel is a great first step to securing that new role. 

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