Job-hunting Trends For 2023

Job-Hunting Trends for 2023

As fun as it can be to look back, looking to the future is just as important! Even now, as we gear up for New Year parties and resolutions, our recruiters are keeping an eye out for the future trends they and their candidates will be facing in 2023 when looking for jobs. 

Take a look at our top 3 trends that we expect to see carry over into 2023 and make sure that you are prepared!

  1. Behavioral Interviews

In a previous article, we discussed what behavioral interviews are and how to best navigate them. In that discussion, we also went briefly over why these types of interviews are becoming so popular. 

Even in healthcare, having excellent skills and knowledge is not enough to guarantee a good job. You need to be able to work well with patients and coworkers. In order to better determine if people are capable of doing so before hiring them on, companies are beginning to utilize behavioral interviews. These interviews encourage candidates to tell stories instead of the answers they assume the interviewer wants to hear. Interviewers dissect answers to decide how well candidates will fit in with the existing team. 

The use of the process has seen a steady growth within the last year alone, largely due to its effective nature. With this in mind, we feel comfortable saying that we expect to see more of this interview style in 2023. 

  1. Extended Interviews

Interviews for low/mid-level roles used to be one or two meetings with interviews and staff before either getting an offer or getting rejected, but this is no longer the case. Now, the processes reserved for interviewing management or higher are being used in nearly every role, extending the time between first contact and an offer exponentially. 

We are seeing a rise in the extended interview style. This interview style schedules multiple 30 minute to an hour interviews, varying between one-on-one, panel, peer, management, or even group settings. This allows companies to test run candidates in multiple scenarios and allow people within the company who are likely to work with this potential employee to weigh in on their qualifications or ability to fit within the group. 

This interview style is risk-averse and allows companies to feel confident in their new hires, so expect to see more of this in 2023. 

  1. Temp-to-Perm Opportunities

Opportunities such as these have always lurked around the outskirts of healthcare as something that you heard about but never saw many offers for. In 2022, we saw a large rise in opportunities and demand for these opportunities, which is something that seems to be continuing flawlessly into 2023. 

We cover temp-to-perm opportunities in depth here, but, for those who are unfamiliar, temp-to-perm refers to roles that you join as a temporary contractor or agent that have the potential to become permanent roles by the end of the contract. Roles like these allow for both the company and the candidate to feel each other out. Companies get to see if the candidate is as good in person as they are on paper and candidates get to determine if the schedule, work, and pay are all fitting to the type of role they want to have. 

As you can tell, these are all positive trends that we see sticking in 2023. They offer reassurance, consistency, and the ability to be sure in your choices before securing yourself to the role. If you are unsure about how to best navigate your job hunt in the new year, then check out our job board here or send us an updated resume here. Either way, we will pair you with a specialized recruiter to find you that perfect new opportunity. Until then, happy new year from your Radius family.

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