Make Your Resume Stand Out On Socials

Make Your Resume Stand Out on Socials

The process of finding a job can be broken into many subcategories, from preparation to execution, but what about setting up ways to draw in recruiters and offers? Passive job hunting includes efforts like keeping an updated resume and social media profile to attract the right kind of job offers.

So how do you tailor your social profiles to bring in the best quality offers? Follow our advice below and see the effects for yourself.

Social Media

While business-focused social media sites, such as LinkedIn, have become popular in recent years, there is still a lack of consensus as to how one should create an appropriately noticeable profile. You need to balance engaging and informative elements in order to be sure that it will still attract the right eyes without you constantly putting out effort to connect. 

Follow these tips and watch as meaningful connections start to appear like never before:

  • Update your profile’s resume regularly when you get new responsibilities

    • Keeping an updated profile is a great way to subtly update recruiters that you are a skilled person who is interested in hearing about new offers.

  • Take free certified quizzes through groups like LinkedIn and post the certifications after completion

    • Certifications are a good way to introduce skills that are hard to include in your profile’s resume.

  • Add profile tags to include any languages you speak or write

    • Multi-lingual roles are not flexible in their needs, in most cases. Because of this, they are willing to spend the extra time to find the perfect candidate, but it won’t hurt to make it a little bit easier for them.

  • Change your personal description to include your title or preferred title

    • This allows recruiters to more easily find your profile as it will match the titles they are looking for.

  • Visit the pages of hiring managers, recruiters, and companies that you are interested in

    • Even if you do not follow them, showing up in their profile views is a good way to show that you are interested in the role.

Job Websites

On websites that are geared entirely to finding or posting about jobs, such as Indeed or Glassdoor, your resume is your greatest weapon, but that means you must keep it sharp. A dull resume without enough information is a great way to ensure that recruiters skip right past you. If you want to ensure that your resume gets noticed for all the right reasons, then read below now:

  • Update your resume regularly

    • Keep your titles and keywords for what type of jo you are interested in in prominent places, such as job titles, skill sections, or even the candidate summary

  • Include in your resume a list of states you are interested in for either relocation or travel

    • Stating it directly is a great way to ensure that both you and a recruiter will not be wasting time by connecting.

  • Clearly list licenses, certifications, and planned exams

    • Including dates is always good as well, but not a necessity up front. Just be sure they are up to date if you plan to include them on your resume.

  • Message back anyone who sends an offer of an interview, even if it is a denial

    • This is a good practice to keep in mind as it makes your account look like it is active and allows you to touch base with potential future employers, even if what they are offering now is not interesting to you.

  • Check your accreditations

    • School accreditations are a big deal, especially in healthcare. For contracts, government jobs, or other high-level positions, it is not unheard of for companies to require candidates to come from an accredited institution. Knowing what institutions your school is accredited through and listing it on a resume will make you shine in a sea of applicants.

If you currently have a job and they are unaware that you are looking for a new position, then please follow this advice with a degree of caution. Be aware of who can see your profile or resume and know that you could get asked about any of the changes or efforts you have made. 

That does not mean that you should stay in a job that you are not interested in, but it is important to determine whether passive or active efforts will benefit you most so you know how to move forward. If you would like to job hunt passively in a safe and confidential manner, then send us an updated resume here or apply to one of our open roles here. Radius is fast and confidential, so you can focus on looking forward to your next great opportunity.

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