Making The Most Of A Job Offer

Making the Most of a Job Offer

A job offer being made should be a great moment for both candidates and companies, but not every offer goes as smoothly as planned. Emergencies, miscommunications, and a number of other factors can make even the greatest offers unappealing to either side. Thankfully, recruiters at Radius are trained to work beyond those variables, ensuring that both parties are understanding of and happy with the agreement. 

Keep reading below to learn more about what a job offer should include and why letting your recruiter control the offer works in your favor. 

What to Include in an Offer

Job offers are the final major step of the hiring process. By now, candidates have likely met direct and upper management, as well as peers, had the job thoroughly described to them, and have been given the opportunity to confirm their skills in some way to ensure that they are a good fit for the role.

So with all of that in mind, what needs to be covered in the job offer itself? Since the job offer is not the legal contract, it does not need to reiterate everything expected in fine detail. Instead, the job offer should be ensuring that both parties are happy with and will fulfill the expected needs of the other party. Companies should be approaching a job offer with all of the following at hand:

  • Position title and the title of the person they report to
  • Schedule/hours
  • Start date
  • Exempt/Non-exempt job classification
  • Pay, in all forms (hourly/salary, bonuses, equity, commission, ect)
  • Benefits
  • Company policies/confidentiality agreements
  • At-will employment (if necessary)
  • Contingencies that could lead to the agreement being voided, such as a failed background check
  • A timeframe to accept the offer

It is a good idea to come to the table ready to negotiate these terms, as well. Some are there for legal reasons, such as the job’s classification or the company’s policies, but consider things like pay, benefits, and expectations to be open to negotiation until the paperwork is signed by all parties. 

Why Recruiters Should Make the Offer

Think about why you looked for help from recruiters. You likely needed someone with knowledge of the field who could act as a confidant and intermediary to both the company and the candidates. If you are at the job offer stage, it is likely that your recruiter has done exactly that, if not more. 

It can be exciting to discuss an offer, especially if the process has been long, but leaving it to the recruiter is still the right thing to do. The recruiter has spent the time cultivating a trusting relationship with both parties, so allowing them to present the job offer helps to ensure that candidates will feel comfortable discussing the offer. 

If a candidate feels rushed, intimidated, or uncomfortable, they may not say anything against an unfavorable agreement, which can lead to worst-case scenarios, like ghosting. When speaking with their recruiter, candidates are far more likely to bring up parts of the agreement that they do not understand, disagree with, or simply make them uncomfortable. Recruiters can then clear up any misconceptions and, because recruiters work openly to meet the needs of both parties, can help in creating reasonable negotiations.

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