New Year, New Job Resolutions

New Year, New Job Resolutions

New Year Resolutions or themes are nothing new. They can be great ways to motivate yourself into acting on your ultimate goals, whatever they may be. That being said, it can be hard to figure out how exactly to get started on your new path to success. For those who are looking for a new job to start out the new year, we have you covered! We have covered the top 5 things to do at the top of the year to help boost your prospects of getting a new job in the new year, so read below to learn more:

  1. Sign Up for Classes

If you want your resume to stand out, showing that you are actively bettering yourself is a great way to do it! Signing up for classes that focus on teaching or refreshing skills that are regarded highly or as necessary in your field tells employers that you are willing to do what it takes to grow. 

If you are unsure what types of classes you should be taking, then look at the jobs that you are aiming for? What skills are listed as necessary? Are there optional skills? Focusing on those aspects can help guide you to the right classes. If the employer is suggesting that applicants have a license in a skill, but you have neither time nor funds to get that, taking free classes that will help you become familiar with that skill is a great way to show your commitment to the role. 

  1. Secure Your References

A new year brought you new goals and new challenges, but keep in mind that it did the same for many others. How sure are you that your references still remember you and are in a space right now where they can speak on your behalf? Are they traveling or ill? Has it been more than 5 years since you have worked together? These are all factors to consider in finding the right references.

You should try to have at least three references that can speak on your behalf, but five is always preferred. You want to have both coworkers, who can speak to your personality and work abilities, and management, who can highlight the skills that they had you utilizing in your work, as types of references. Additionally, look to keep them within the last five years if possible to ensure that you are showing recent and relevant work experience. 

Touch base with these people, ensure that they remember you and that they are aware that you could have someone reaching out soon about a reference. Double check that your contact information for them is active and ask what the best form of communication is for them so that you can pass that information on to those who will be reaching out.

  1. Update Your Resume

Usually, we would suggest updating your resume as the very first thing you do. Instead, we dropped it this time to ensure that it would give you time to research and sign up for new classes and secure your references. With that in mind, now it is time to update your resume! 

If you have begun to pursue new skills or enhance existing ones, update your resume to show that. Add in a section for classes that you are currently or plan to be taking with the expected completion dates. If they are single-day courses like Basic Life Support (BLS) courses, then simply add the date of the course next to the name in parenthesis. 

Listing referrals directly on the resume can look messy and crowded, so, once you are sure that you have referrals who are ready to speak on your behalf, simply let those looking to hire know by adding “References Available Upon Request” on your resume. This saves space and allows recruiters to focus on your skills first before following up on your history. That being said, make sure that you are prepared to send your references to your recruiter at a moment’s notice. Keep the information somewhere safe and easily accessible, such as on a notepad app on your phone, as it will be called for once recruiters decide to move forward with your application. 

  1. Know Your Worth

You have already spent a good amount of time reviewing your skills, connecting with people who will speak on your behalf, and making plans to improve yourself, so now it is time to know your worth. Are you experienced or specialized in your field? Do you have licensure or know-how that is uncommon? If not, then you need to know what kind of job market you are facing. 

If you are competing on an even playing field with others, it can feel like it is hard to negotiate in your favor, but that does not mean that you should take an unfair deal laying down. It simply means that you need to be aware of the price employers are willing to pay for your services and weigh what benefits, such as healthcare, PTO, or retirement funding, can help balance the job in your favor. 

Knowing these factors and knowing what it is about you that makes you special over other candidates will be incredibly helpful in successfully negotiating the best deal possible. 

  1. Connect with a Radius Recruiter 

If you are looking for a career in healthcare, the best way to put your job hunt into high-gear is to work with a Radius recruiter. Our recruiters are specialized in their fields, meaning that they know exactly what kind of competition you are up against whenever you are looking for a new role. They will help you find new roles, pursue them on your behalf, and connect you with companies that are looking for exactly what you are offering.

If you are interested in pursuing a new healthcare role with the help of a Radius recruiter, then check out our job board here. If you want to connect but are unsure of what type of role you are looking for, then send us an updated resume here and a recruiter will reach out as soon as today!

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