New Year’s Resolutions for Lab Scientists

Congratulations! You made it through the first week of 2020 – how are your resolutions holding up? If you work in lab science and are still hoping to make New Year’s resolutions for your personal or professional life, look no further than this list.


We have put together what we think are the most helpful resolutions that can improve the day-to-day life of a lab science professional. 


Be More Organized


Organization is linked to productivity, better mental health and reduced stress. Regardless of knowing these things, even the best of us can fall victim to a messy workspace from time to time. Working in a space that is disorganized can lead to a lot of unnecessary feelings of irritation and overwhelm.


All of this negativity can be left in 2019 by making a conscious effort to keep your space and documents in order. Especially if you share your workspace with other lab techs, being more organized is one easy way to get the most out of your day. Another way to stay organized is by getting your time management skills in check – you’ll be amazed at how much more you can accomplish when your space, schedule and mind are in order.


Keeping Up to Date with the Industry News


Keeping up to date with the latest industry literature and news is one of the most important changes any healthcare professional can make. It can sometimes be overwhelming, especially in an age where new developments are happening faster than ever before. But in order to get a more heightened experience working within your healthcare discipline, it is important to know what progress is being made in the field. This will also make you more employable, and likely to get a raise. If you need a few tips for keeping up with 2020 healthcare developments that won’t put you to sleep, take a peak at this article, which is full of helpful insights. 




Get More Sleep


This is one of those resolutions that can apply to most healthcare professionals (and professionals in general). Due to the nature of their jobs, we will suggest it be added to every lab tech’s checklist: make extra effort to get as much sleep as possible. When handling tasks that require a high level of attention to detail and accuracy, being well-rested and alert is of the utmost importance, because one little slip can result in a lot of wasted time, energy and money. 


Getting more sleep is also associated with better mood, better decision making, and lower health risks, so there really is no downside to getting more shut eye this year.


Stay Curious


Every great new idea was born out of curiosity – once we become complacent, innovation and discovery comes screeching to a halt. In a professional sense, curiosity allows us to get the most out of our industry by contributing to the field in a larger sense, and it may reignite your passion for the field if you have found yourself drifting.


In a personal sense, curiosity is linked to creativity, self-fulfillment, motivation and more. Staying curious is a great resolution for lab scientists – because there is still so much to discover!


Get a New Lab Science Job


Maybe 2020 will be the year you find the job of your dreams! If you are looking for an awesome new laboratory science position at a unique US location, you have come to the right place. Radius Staffing Solutions takes pride in working with some of the best and brightest healthcare professionals and facilities across the country and would be more than happy to help find you a great lab tech job. We have tons of opportunities available, like this one in North Carolina or this one in Montana – reach out today to get started. 

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