Physical Therapist Appreciation Month

Physical Therapist Appreciation Month

This month, you do not have to wait until the 31st to find something worth celebrating! October is Physical Therapy Awareness Month, which gives you lots of opportunities to get involved with your community and teach others about all the good that has come from the world of physical therapy (PT). 

Because physical therapists have done and continue to do such amazing work to better their patient’s quality of life, we would be remiss to not give them a shout out, at the very least. To help others understand why PTs are so important, we have pulled together just a few reasons as to why PTs deserve our thanks and our support. Read below to find out more!

6. Physical Therapy Can Save Your Money

A recent study has showed that patients who pursue physical therapy as a treatment for lower back pain save a significant amount of money in comparison to those who pursued surgical resources. Both groups reported similar levels of pain relief, though timelines did vary between individuals in terms of gaining that relief. Those who were willing to put in the physical work saved an incredible amount of money in the long run.

5. PTs in WW1

Physical Therapists took off as a female-dominated profession around World War 1. There, they were called “Reconstruction Aides” or “Re-Aids”. They worked for the Department of Physical Reconstruction and began to grow into a massive and recognized force during war time, but the end of the war slowed the growth of the physical therapy field for some time. Of course, this isn’t where PT started and, even now, it is nowhere near ending!

4. Physical Therapy Can be Divided into 6 Distinct Areas of Practice

PTs and Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAs)  are experts in movement, meaning that their education is broad and deep so that they can provide the most complete care for their patients. While entirely possible to stay a general practitioner, many PTs will move to specialize in a distinct area of practice such as orthopedic, geriatric, neurological, cardiopulmonary, pediatric, or vestibular rehab.

3. Physical Therapists Can Help Get Rid of Phantom Pain

“Phantom Pain” is the feeling of pain in a limb that is no longer attached to the body after an amputation. “Approximately 80% of people who undergo amputations experience phantom limb pain. Around 20% will experience pain for up to 2 years after the amputation,” but regular and targeted physical therapy can help reduce or completely alleviate the pain. 

2. Physical Therapists Can Help People with Alzheimer’s Disease

Considering that Alzheimer’s is a disease without a cure, being able to provide any true assistance to those afflicted is a gift. PTs are able to work with patients who are in the earliest stages to increase and maintain mobility and muscle memory that will allow them a higher quality of life, even as the disease progresses. 

1. Physical Therapy Began Thousands of Years Ago!

In ancient Greece, Hippocrates began advocating the use of physical therapy techniques to relieve pain in his patients. It is known that he used massages, hydrotherapy, and manual therapy techniques to treat his patients, meaning that this is the earliest record of professional physical therapy.

While these are just some fun facts, the best way you can learn about PTs is to talk to them. Look for volunteer or appreciation efforts locally and see how you can get involved. If you are a PT looking for new opportunities to help others, then apply to one of our open jobs here or send us an updated resume. If you are interested in another type of healthcare work, then follow the same steps and let us help you find a fantastic opportunity today!

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