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Physical Therapists in 2023

At the top of every year, new reports come out to give a state-on-the-union on job markets. They talk about the hottest jobs, those that have fallen below projections, and those that are believed to be taking off soon. The U.S. News and World Report is one of the more well-known groups that makes reports such as these at the year’s start, as it utilizes both employees of the field and public sentiment about the field, as well as many other defining subcategories, to score and rank jobs. 

In 2023, the healthcare job listings have landed in some incredibly interesting spots, so read below to learn more about what this ranking system has to say about physical therapists in the years to come.

Top 5 in Healthcare

Physical therapists are walking into the new year with a great outlook on their field of work. Ranked only behind nurse practitioners and physician assistants, physical therapists are holding the #3 rank for the best job in healthcare. They are continuing to succeed on a larger scale as well, as they are also ranking #6 in the 100 Best Jobs, which compares roles from nearly every field reported on. 

So what is it that has brought the world of physical therapy to the limelight? Using the ranking system of the report, we can see why the outlook is so bright. A PT career ranks high on salary and future growth, both for individuals and as a general job market. The job market itself ranks as an incredibly competitive and varied field. The physical therapy community has expanded immensely since doctorates became a necessity for becoming a PT in 2016, and this is reflected in the job market. Interested practitioners can find open roles for all kinds of specialties, leading to a competitive but fluid market of opportunity.

Beyond these markers, we also see a high rate of employee satisfaction as there is a clear and easily-maintained balance between work and life. While the stress of the role can vary considerably, depending on the setting, it averages out relatively low for most practitioners, meaning that people are able to separate themselves from work at the end of the day without it weighing them down. 

Consumers are supportive of this field’s growth, largely due to the public’s deepening knowledge of the profession. People are often reporting that going to physical therapy and getting help from a professional has noticeably helped them overcome injuries, issues, and other complications that gave them a lower quality of life. With support like this, it should be no surprise to see the demand and desire for physical therapists continue to grow.

What this Means for Job Hunters

These ratings reflect the past year and give insight into what we can expect in the coming years. For 2023, people hunting for Physical Therapist jobs can expect to maintain this level of job quality, but the years following will likely produce high levels of competition. It is common that, when a field continues to grow and succeed in this way, it will be flooded with eager and ambitious new graduates in coming years. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has even raised the projected job outlook scale from 16.9% to 24% between 2021 and 2031, meaning that they now project that over 30,000 new jobs will open between now and then. 

With the field projected to become busier and more competitive with every passing day, looking for a new job might seem daunting. One of the best ways to get past that fear and successfully find a new role is by working with a dedicated healthcare recruiter. Our Radius recruiters have open jobs and contacts all across the country to help you find the perfect opportunity! Apply to one of our open roles here or send us an updated resume here and connect with a recruiter as early as today!

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