Using A Recruiter: Myths Vs Truths

Using a Recruiter: Myths vs Truths

Taking a step into the world of recruiting can be scary, especially when you are already nervous about trying to find a new job. Recruiters are supposed to be a helpful aid that operates as a mediator to help find you a great opportunity and negotiate the best deal for both you and for future company. In most cases, recruiters still diligently fulfil this role, but, overtime, job-hunting horror stories have created a misconception about what real recruiters do and can do. Take a moment to read through a debunk the top 5 damaging myths about recruiters.

Myth: Job postings without the company’s name are fake

Truth: Occasionally, companies face situations where they cannot overtly search for a candidate to fill a role. When a company needs a search to be done quietly, they look to recruiters. By releasing information only as necessary, recruiters are able to keep the company’s needs of confidentiality in mind and focus their efforts on only the best quality candidates for the needs of the role. Recruiters are then able to interview, vet, and prepare the candidates for every step of the process without having their attention split with unqualified candidates who are interested in a role simply because of the company name.

When recruiters keep job information confidential, their candidates benefit as well. With the help of their recruiters, candidates will be able to meet with the company much sooner, having already been vetted through preliminary efforts by recruiters. Additionally, they are taken seriously as potential employees, so talk of moving forward to next steps is not done lightly.

Myth: Recruiters will give a high salary to start and shorten it after you are interested

Truth: When recruiters are told about jobs, they are given a scale of pay and general requirements for what qualifies this scale. Permanent staffing recruiters, such as those at Radius Staffing Solutions, ultimately have no control over what the final offer will be for a candidate. A good recruiter will explain the scale and the matching criteria best that they can during the initial interview so candidates are aware of what the company is looking for to feel comfortable offering a level a pay. Certainly, the situation is not ideal for those who come out on the shorter end. The last thing a recruiter wants to do is go back to a candidate with bad news or make either side feel like they have wasted their time. No recruiter likes delivering an offer from the company to the candidate that is lower than expected, but a permanent staffing recruiter ultimately has no choice in the final call.

Keep in mind that this situation is different in contract recruiting, where recruiters are given a cap in terms of pay and have to negotiate from there. In this case, they do have the final say on pay, so long as it is within the set limit. In either case, whether you are negotiating for a contract or a permanent role, it is best to be open with your recruiter about your financial needs so that all parties can negotiate in open terms and walk away with a good deal.

Myth: Recruiters make the final decisions on whether or not you get a job

Truth: Recruiters wish! Recruiters dream of the day where each and every one of their candidates gets hired without issue, but the truth is that recruiters simply do not have that kind of power. In truth, companies and hiring managers will always have the final say, no matter how much a recruiter may push on behalf of their candidate.

If you are nervous about leaving a good impression on those who will be making that final decision, then recruiters should be there to help. Radius recruiters are there to help candidates through every step of their process, including preparing for interviews, negotiations, and more, so be sure to contact your recruiter as needed!

Myth: Recruiters are on the company’s side, not the candidate’s

Truth: Recruiters are mediators. Their job is to find a happy middle that both the company and the candidate are interested in pursuing. If a recruiter fights entirely for one side, the other is bound to stop using their services, which could harm the recruiter’s reputation. Considering that recruiters use the words of past clients to bring in new ones, a bad reputation can make it hard to find new business

This is the careful balancing game that recruiters are incredibly talented at. Companies and candidates should feel comfortable coming to the table with their needs clearly defined and know that their recruiter will do everything in their power to ensure that both sides talk away as a happy, united front. If you don’t feel that way about your current recruiter, check out Radius Staffing Solutions for your next job hunt or hiring needs.

Myth: You can receive a job offer without an interview

Truth: There is no way, no matter how good your resume is, that you will be hired without even a single interview, nor should you want to be! While we often think of interviews as a company evaluating a candidate, it is just as much a chance for the candidate to evaluate the company. Without an interview, both sides are walking in entirely blind to personalities, beliefs, needs, and other important factors that are not included in a resume.

No matter how official paperwork might look, if you have not had an interview, double and triple check the validity of the recruiter, the company, and the offer by calling and confirming with and searching for news or warnings about all properties. Any ask of money, banking information, or extensive personal information without so much as a phone or video interview should be considered a major red flag.

Of course, these are not the only myths out there, but they are certainly ones to keep an eye out for. If, for any reason, you are ever unsure about a company, a recruiter, or an offer, trust your instincts and double check. Bodies like the Better Business Bureau are great resources, but even a Google search might help you find people who went through something similar and can attest to the validity or lack thereof in an offer.

If you are looking for a new recruiter who you can trust, Radius Staffing Solutions is here to help! If you are a candidate who is interested in finding a new role, then click here to check out our job board, or here if you want to send us an updated resume. If you are an employer looking for new candidates, then click here and our specialized recruiters will be happy to help!

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