What COVID-19 Means for Your Healthcare Job Search

The healthcare industry has been experiencing a state of steady growth for the past several years. However, the sudden onset of the spread of COVID-19 has forced the industry to react quickly and adapt to new practices in order to keep citizens safe. With most facilities and professionals focusing their efforts on managing the pandemic and little else, the future of the healthcare industry on a grander scale seems a little unclear.


What does this uncertain future mean for the healthcare job seeker? While many healthcare facilities are still hiring, the circumstances under which they are doing so are seemingly changing by the hour, and predictions made today about the future of the market could be irrelevant tomorrow.


However, if you are currently searching for a new healthcare job during COVID-19, there are some key factors to take into consideration in order to get the most out of the experience. 


Be Aware of Adjusted Hiring Timelines During COVID-19


In response to COVID-19, the US healthcare job market is in an interesting position: depending on the field or even location, hiring could be ramping up or slowing down, as professionals scramble to react to the spread. 


Some recruiters may be looking to fill openings such as nurse practitioners or respiratory therapists at an accelerated rate due to coronavirus relief. If you are in a field like these, you can probably expect your hiring timeline to be fairly quick – so be ready to spring into action. 


Alternatively, hiring managers in healthcare services which aren’t directly related to coronavirus relief could be taking this as an opportunity window to put more thought into picking a candidate, in which case you can expect a longer hiring timeline.


And, of course, the nature of this pandemic is subject to change at any given moment. Flexibility and adaptability are two traits that will reflect positively on you as a candidate during this time. 


Be Optimistic, But Realistic


Unless your specific field is experiencing a hiring freeze, we encourage job seekers to stay optimistic, and to continue researching and applying to jobs during the thick of the pandemic. If you have some extra time on your hands, give your resume a revamp and polish up your profiles so that you make an excellent impression on your LinkedIn or other networking platforms. You never know who may be looking or what opportunities could arise!


However, being realistic is more important now than ever before. The circumstances under which hiring managers are looking for talent are completely unprecedented, so being patient and understanding about their specific and ever-changing situations is essential. 


Also, staying in contact with the job search community is never a bad idea. This is unchartered territory for recruiters and hiring managers as well, but job search professionals typically have their ears a little closer to the ground, and many would be more than happy to help field your questions and concerns surrounding any adjusted hiring processes.


covid 19 job search


Get Comfortable with Technology


In order to enforce social distancing requirements, almost all hiring practices have been turned virtual. By no means a new tactic, but one that has been used almost invariably over the past few weeks to conduct interviews and meetings, virtual interviewing has been on the steady rise even before the pandemic. 


In light of this, it’s a practical idea to get comfortable with using the technology. It might be awhile before you get to meet any of your new coworkers (or even patients) in person, so it is imperative that you are able to make a good impression and communicate effectively through the screen.


Depending on how long the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak last, virtual conferences and appointments with patients may also become common practice – so it’s not a bad idea to get used to using the technology now. 


Working with a recruiter is always beneficial if you are struggling with finding a new position. When you work with Radius, you can be sure that you are a part of an honest and open partnership – we are really invested in your success, especially during this trying time. Reach out today to see how we can help!


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