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Why Candidates love working with Radius Staffing Solutions

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Currently, the United States is experiencing rapid surge of available healthcare jobs (with no signs of slowing down). The healthcare industry is growing faster than any other professional industry, and it will make up about 1/5 of jobs in the country in the next 5 years.


Choosing to enter a profession that is in high demand gives candidates substantial leverage when searching for a job (especially in certain regions). Yet searching for a job is often, nevertheless, an arduous endeavor. Why? The following are a few core reasons that point to why it’s so difficult to land a fulfilling role:


  • A whopping 80% of new positions are not poste online
  • Only 2% of seekers receive an interview when applying for a job, because of the monumental number of applications online job boards enable
  • More than 50% of resumes don’t make it past the semantic expectations of an applicant tracking system


To cope with these challenges, many job seekers enlist the help of a staffing and recruiting agency when they find themselves in a search rut. By bringing in an expert, job seekers find themselves with less legwork and more guidance through the process.


Staffing agencies, such as boutique healthcare agency Radius Staffing Solutions, offer a variety of job search support, feedback and services. They help job seekers write and edit appealing resumes, prepare them for interviews, and speak to prospective employers on their behalf. In addition, the recruiters at Radius Staffing Solutions develop close relationships with healthcare facilities across the country, and gain in-depth knowledge regarding whether a particular role will be a good fit for both parties (before anybody’s time is wasted).


Among the many incredible candidates that Radius Staffing Solutions has placed in rewarding roles is Tiffany.


Tiffany, a healthcare professional based in Los Angeles, turned to Radius for new career opportunities. Frustrated by working lackluster jobs and dealing with staffing agencies that didn’t put her needs first, she reached out to Radius Staffing Solutions in the hopes of being offered more professional roles that would set her on the right career path.


With the help of Tiffany’s dedicated recruiter, she landed an exciting new role in Los Angeles! We asked Tiffany a few questions about her experience working with Radius Staffing Solutions, and she offered some great advice to anyone considering working with a recruiter.


Q: Why did you decide to work with a healthcare recruiting agency?


A: I live in Los Angeles, and it is very over-saturated when it comes to healthcare jobs. It was really difficult for me to find a pharmacist job that I really wanted, so I decided to try a different approach and gave working with a Radius a try.


Q: What was your experience with finding jobs before going through a recruiting agency?


A: It was really difficult. I wasn’t hearing back from a lot of places, and the ones I did hear back from offered jobs that I wasn’t crazy about. I felt like even though I was qualified for lots of positions, I just wasn’t being given a chance. I did manage to get a job, but it wasn’t one that I really liked. Everyone wants to stay in the SoCal area (myself included!) so finding a dream job can be challenging.


For candidates open to working outside of their place of residence, Radius Staffing Solutions works with hundreds of healthcare facilities across the country that offer relocation assistance!


Q: Some people question if they can ‘really trust’ staffing agencies. They wonder if the recruiters are simply working in their client’s best interest. Have you ever worked with a recruiter like this before? If so, how did your experience with Radius Staffing Solutions compare to others?


A: It depends on the agency. I worked with another agency before this one, and it just seemed like they were more interested in helping themselves – definitely not me. With Radius Staffing Solutions, who ultimately got me the placement I wanted, that wasn’t an issue at all! I had a really positive experience overall and felt very taken care of.


Q: What was the best part about working with Radius?


A: The recruiter that I was working with was great. She kept tabs on me and checked up regularly to see if she could help me in any way. She also kept me updated about the job along the way which was great and kept me motivated – they made the process so easy!


Q: Did you feel like the recruiters at Radius understood what you were looking for?


A: Yes. They listened to what I was looking for, took all of my experience and qualifications into account and were able to find me a great job!


Q: Are you satisfied with your placement?


A: I’m very happy right now with my placement as a pharmacist. It’s the most ideal job I could have asked for!



Pharmacy is a great profession to be in right now – by the year 2026, the US should expect to see over 17,000 new pharmacy jobs!


Q: Aside from the new job, what did you take away from working with the agency?


A: After working with another staffing agency that didn’t have my best interests at the forefront, I was worried that I couldn’t trust staffing agencies anymore. But this has been a very pleasant experience! I’d certainly work with Radius again.


Q: What piece of advice would you offer to someone considering using a healthcare recruiting agency?


A: I would urge anyone who is struggling to find a healthcare job to give working with a staffing agency a shot, but to make sure it’s the right agency with your best interests in mind. See how the experience is and if it doesn’t work out, move on and try another one!


Are you ready to find the right placement for you and feel rewarded in your career? Reach out to a recruiter at Radius today to get started!

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