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Why Healthcare Students Should Intern with Recruiters

There are many benefits to using recruiters, especially as a new graduate. They have the networks and experience to find candidates the right opportunities and get them in front of interviewers faster than a simple application would. Recruiters are there as a full support team to individuals who are job searching, often providing help and tips with resume crafting and tailoring and interviewing. During the highs and lows of job hunting, they are there to hold candidate’s hands.


The question may come as to how, exactly, they can be trusted to do that. Every job board boosts that it can help, so what wealth of knowledge do recruiters have that other services don’t? The recruiters at Radius Staffing Solutions get to see the good, the bad, and the ugly of their industries. Every day, they dive head first into the chaos that is the job market and make matches that can last a lifetime.


So, besides using it as a service, how can this effect healthcare students? The hope is that, after school, students find a great opportunity which leads into a successful career. Going blindly into job hunting may work for some, but many will end up underemployed before finding something that fits. Working with recruiters can teach you the ins and outs of job hunting, interviewing, and negotiating so you go into the fray more than prepared.


Hunting for Prospects


Job hunting is nothing less than an art when done right. There are multiple elements to consider when looking for a job and recruiting teaches you how to address and answer each of them. Because Radius’ recruiters deal intimately with both candidates and employers, they understand how to manage both sides.


From a business standpoint, interns can learn how to make and break down the needs of a job post. With the help of Radius’ experienced recruiters, interns can learn how to make enticing job offers that will target qualified candidates.


From a candidate standpoint, interns can learn about how to find proper keywords and tailor resumes using them. Beyond keywords, interns can also learn how to find quality opportunities and breakdown what they are truly looking for in a candidate.


Interns will also learn how to avoid the pitfalls of scam job postings from both sides. It can be easy to want to use multiple successful techniques for job posting creation in the same spot, but recruiting teaches how to balance these techniques correctly so the job add does not look ‘too good to be true’ and turn people off from applying.


From the candidate side, interns can learn how to spot the difference between opportunities that are genuine scams and ones that may have just been overzealous in their creation.




There are hundreds of guides on interviewing. A common theme is that practice makes perfect, but excessive interview practice can be exhausting. It either comes from you practicing with yourself, getting a partner, or going on interviews.


Thankfully, recruiters get to experience the interviewing process without stressing themselves out. They work with candidates to prepare them for interviews and hear reviews from their interviewers. With the help of Radius’ recruiters, interns will learn how to read into these responses to find meaningful insight to what facilities are responding positively to and how to incorporate these efforts into future interviews.




Negotiating can be difficult and awkward, especially when you are coming from a position of weakness, as many interviewees feel they are. Working with Radius’ recruiters allows interns to view the negotiation process from a vantage point.


Interns will learn how to create and discuss realistic expectations from both the candidate’s and the employer’s perspectives. From the candidate side, interns will learn how to create realistic expectations that reflect the quality of the candidate for the opportunity at hand. A candidate that is well qualified might over- or under-estimate the pay they would be offered, so interns will learn how to create a pay range that can be validated by experience without breaking the employer’s bank.


From the employer side, interns will learn how to present values to validate a presented pay range. They will learn to use the experiences from the process so far to explain why a candidate deserves the suggested pay and benefits. Additionally, interns will be able to witness how to go back and forth in a negotiation in a way that is polite and effective instead of difficult or unprepared, which will help them feel less nervous in personal negotiations in the future.


Recruiting and job hunting are full-time jobs. The skills you can pick up from working in these areas are invaluable and will always be applicable to general life.


If you are interested in hearing more about these kind of internship opportunities, visit us at Handshake. If you are interested in our recruiting services, contact us directly here! You can also check out the jobs we are working with currently on our job board.

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