Why On-site Visits During The Hiring Process Are Unnecessary

Why On-Site Visits During the Hiring Process are Unnecessary

In the past, on-site visits during the hiring process were considered a necessity. It was believed that meeting a candidate in person was the best way to determine if they were the right fit for the job. However, with the advancement of technology during the global pandemic, the necessity of on-site visits has been called into question. This is especially true for healthcare companies and practitioners, considering that both parties are often very busy in their day-to-day schedules. 

While, at one time, the in-person on-site interview was incredibly beneficial, the truth is that it is no longer needed. Keep reading below to better understand why and learn why virtual options are the better alternative.

Increased Efficiency

On-site visits can be time-consuming and costly for companies. Travel and lodging costs are nothing to scoff at, and scheduling a candidate for an interview can get pushed far off if there is limited availability in the area. With today’s technology, companies can conduct virtual interviews, saving both time and money. This approach is particularly useful for healthcare organizations that may need to hire across different locations. Implementing virtual interviews also means that numerous candidates can be interviewed without having to travel.

There is also the chance that a candidate may end up not being the right fit, but a virtual interview can detect that just as well as an in-person interview can. A virtual interview can also save the time and money that would have been dedicated to a candidate that does not fit the role.

Improved Candidate Experience

A long and arduous hiring process can put off even the most interested candidates. Requiring on-site visits during the hiring process can result in unnecessary holdups that should be avoided at all costs, as hiring qualified and dedicated candidates means beating other interested parties to the punch. 

Having to accommodate the schedules of both the candidate and the interviewers can delay on-site meetings by over a month, which may cause candidates to move on to other opportunities. By embracing virtual interviewing, companies can ensure a more seamless hiring process, making for a favorable candidate experience.

Equal Opportunity

Not all candidates have the same ability to travel to on-site interviews. It could be from a packed work schedule in a workplace where they are unable to get away for significant periods of time or because of family situations. Additionally, even if the company pays for the travel and lodging of candidates, childcare, pet care, and other expenses for people who are leaving behind things that need to be cared for could become a financial burden. 

Virtual interviewing removes geographical barriers, opening the opportunity for a more diverse pool of candidates. It also increases the chance of candidates being considered for roles that would previously have been inaccessible due to location.

Virtual interviewing has become the new normal in the hiring process for many healthcare companies, so forward-thinking healthcare companies should consider adopting virtual interviews as a long-term solution even after the pandemic. As healthcare companies move towards this more efficient and inclusive hiring process, candidates’ and organizations’ interests will inevitably be better served.

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