Gift Guide For Your Favorite Healthcare Professionals

Your 2024 Gift Guide for Healthcare Professionals

With the gift-giving season right around the corner, we wanted to offer our expertise for the healthcare professionals in your life. When someone’s schedule is largely dominated by work, it can be difficult to find them something that will be genuinely useful and appreciated without breaking the bank.

Thankfully, we have the inside scoop about what each healthcare specialty is looking for this holiday season. Take a look below to see our gift ideas for each specialty, all under $100.

Advanced Practice


  • Skin Care Box ($15+): Between gloves, chemicals, and masks, APRNs put their skin through a lot. A great way to show how much you care for the hard-working healthcare professional in your life is to send them a skin care box subscription. Give them the opportunity to pamper themselves every day.

  • Personalized Water Bottle: The APRNs in your life are always on the go. Their jobs do not leave a lot of room for relaxation and self-care, but a good gift might be able to help them with that! Personalized water bottles will ensure that your friend or family member stays stylishly hydrated on their shift!

Healthcare Management

  • Ergonomic Keyboard ($35+): Ergonomic office materials are in style now and for good reason! Because these items are designed to work with the human body’s natural positioning, it reduces strain on the body that comes with a more sedentary job. Take care of your friends and family with some great ergonomic office supplies.

  • Ember Mug ($129+): Ember mugs are a bit more expensive, but reviews prove that they are worth every penny. For those who love to enjoy warm drinks over a long period of time, this mug is the perfect gift. It keeps drinks steadily hot for hours on end, meaning your friendly healthcare manager can enjoy their favorite beverage all day long.


  • Blood-Type Badge Holder ($0.85+): This gift is cute, useful, and thematically appropriate for a lab professional! Badges are a necessity for many medical locations, so a personalized badge holder like this serves as a great accessory.

  • Lab-Themed Drink Coasters ($22.50): Simple and useful, lab technicians can use these on site or at home. Funny lab safety coasters are an easy gift for someone who equally hates water rings and people who directly sniff from beakers.

Mental Health

  • Giant Microbe Plushies ($10+): An odd gift, but certainly an entertaining one. Medical plushies are a great way to bring a friendly face to some of the scarier topics that mental health professionals talk about with their clients. Gifts like these make an office space seem personalized and friendly and will likely get a good laugh or two!


  • Scrub Subscription Box ($30+): Nurses spend their days often running around, dealing with all matters and materials. It is very rare that a nurse will get off a shift with a clean set of scrubs, so look into getting your nurse friends and family a scrub subscription box to help them look and feel great on long shifts!

  • No prep meal kits: Nursing shifts are often long and exhausting, meaning that making healthy meals might not be an option for a lot of professionals at the end of the day. A healthy, delicious, and fresh meal can be game-changing after a difficult day, so look at the no-prep meal kit subscriptions to ensure that the nurses in your life are taken care of!


Pharmacy Sneakers Pharmacy Shoes For Pharmacists image 1

  • Pharmacy Shoes ($108.95): Pharmacists spend most, if not all, of their shift on their feet. Comfortable shoes will go a long way for pharmacists and technicians, but thematically decorated shoes might be that extra boost of fun and color to get them through a long shift.


  • Personalized Stethoscope ($24.99 – $100+): A nice, simple, and certainly useful gift is a personalized stethoscope. There are multiple material and coloring options to choose from, as well as options for inscriptions. Brighten up the day of your favorite physicians with this useful accessory!


  • Wine Bottle Covers ($16.99): These are cute and easy to use. We encourage professionals to never bring work home, but these great bottle covers won’t disrupt your work-life balance so much as they will look fantastic at a dinner party or in your kitchen.


  • Night Shift Bag ($57.98+): A night shift bag can be the difference between feeling refreshed or feeling exhausted. Radiologists and Radiologic Technologists can be called in for weekend, night, and emergency shifts, all of which can feel draining if someone is caught off guard or feels unprepared. A night shift bag can be packed with healthy snacks, change of clothes, shoes, and whatever else is necessary to put a pep in their step.

  • Novelty Creative Bone Pens ($7.90 – $10.90): Novelty items like this are especially great for people who like to bring a little fun to their jobs. The bone shaped pens will bring a smile to any user’s face and will ensure that people do not steal them, which is just an added bonus!


  • Recoup Cold Massage Roller ($49.99): Therapists of all kinds spend their days making others feel better, either physically, mentally, or emotionally. Help therapists take care of themselves by getting this easy-to-use and easy-to-store cold massage roller.

  • Specialized Wall Art ($60.00+): While this example only shows the soundwaves for the Speech Language Pathologist, you can get a piece like this for almost any specialty! This is a simple and great looking item to add to any therapist office as it comes in multiple colors, sizes, and designs.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a healthcare recruiter, then send us your resume today! You can apply directly to an opportunity through our job board or connect with a recruiter by sending in you resume here! We look forward to hearing from you and wish you all a great holiday season!

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