50 Reasons for 50 States: Living Edition

Are you looking for a place to get a new start? Whether you are relocating for work, family, or just a change of scenery, a lot of effort goes into finding a new place to live. Before you can even delve into the housing markets or starting looking at moving trucks, you need to decide on a destination! To help you out with that, we pulled together some hidden gem facts about states to help you choose your next home!

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In 2015, major hubs in Alabama began ranking as up-and-coming food cities. Since then, the state has become known for its diverse and exquisite food experiences.


On top of great pay and benefits that come with work, the Alaskan state government will also pay people to live in Alaska. In 2022, this averaged out to an additional $2,000 for every resident just from the Alaska Permanent Fund.


Arizona has grown through decades of serving as a nomadic passage. Due to this, the culture there is incredibly warm and open to new people, no matter how long they plan to stay, so it is a great place to start fresh with a new job!


Not only is the cost of living incredibly low in this idyllic state, but the property taxes here are also one of the lowest in the nation. Locations such as these provide peaceful and beautiful locations for you and your family to enjoy while being able to save and plan for the future.


California is well known as a center of health fads, but the health benefits of the western coast are no joke! Warm weather, lush greenery, and a population that encourages healthy living can help those with physical health problems, such as respiratory issues, as well as those who suffer from mental problems, such as seasonal depression or anxiety.


If you love beer, then Colorado is for you! This state is home to major and minor craft breweries alike, as well as the Beer Spa that has lovingly been dubbed “A Beer Lover’s Paradise” by local groups. Facility tours and beer tastings are common in Colorado, so finding others who are interested in enjoying a pint together won’t be too hard.


Due to beautiful scenery, healthy living, low cost of living, and more, Connecticut has enjoyed being labeled as one of the best quality of life states. Taking advantage of all this location has to offer, from work to home, is a great way to enjoy your day-to-day.


The Delaware First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit is the state’s major push to enticing new people to plant roots. The tax credit is for first-time homebuyers who purchase a home in Delaware as their primary residence and entitles them to receive, up to, a $2,000 tax credit every year that they live in the home and have a mortgage loan.


Beach weather is the year-round status for Floridians. If sunshine and sand calls to you, then Florida might be where you need to aim for your next opportunity. Additionally, Florida serves as a major international travel location, by boat or plane, so it is a great spot to be if you want to travel the world in your free time.


As the state that is home to major baseball, basketball, and football teams, Georgia is a great spot for sports fans! Even if the Atlanta teams are not your favorites, you will be sure to find others in the area to enjoy game day with.


With well-protected native lands and sustaining cultures, Hawaii is a wonderful spot for those who want to learn and experience native Hawaiian beliefs and practices. There is no better way to learn than through immersion, so if you are interested in history and culture, this is a great spot to check out.


The cost of living is well below the national average in Idaho. Healthcare, housing, utilities, and general goods are all significantly more affordable in Idaho, meaning that day-to-day and long-term life both feel far more comfortable on your wallet.


Amongst all the states with great scenery, walking trails, and more, Illinois sits as a hidden gem. Underwater, in Lake Michigan, are some of the most well-preserved shipwrecks in the US. For experienced divers, first-timers, and history buffs alike, this is a fantastic find!


If you love dogs, then this is the state for you! Indiana is considered the most dog-friendly state in the US, so you will be sure to meet other people (and dogs) with at least one thing in common.


Known for its farming communities and natural landscapes, Iowa is a wonderful place for the outdoorsy family. If city scenes aren’t your thing, you would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful and natural location and community than those in Iowa.


Kansas is an incredibly affordable place to live, from the rural belts to the city streets. The general cost of living in Kansas can be up to 21% lower than the rest of the country and the housing market shows that comparable houses between different states are nearly half as expensive in Kansas.


One of the major benefits of Kentucky, besides its lush landscapes and tax breaks, is the fact that it is centralized. Living here means that you can travel to any edge of the country without having to actually cross the country as a whole, meaning that you get to travel while avoiding the expensive and long flights that coastal people are guaranteed to have.


Cultural diversity is a given in Louisiana. The state known simultaneously for its swamps, French Quarter, and city life could never be a place to consider dull or monotone. With heavy Cajun and Creole influences on the day-to-day culture, region influences near states like Texas or Georgia, and other geographical variations, this is a fantastic place to live to experience something new everyday.


Maine is a fantastic area to raise a family. From scenic views to affordable living, there is much to praise, but one of the best aspects is the incredibly low rate of crime. The rate is so low, in fact, that it was ranked as the number one safest state to live in.


Maryland is a great location for those who are looking to continue developing as professionals. With a growing economy and many opportunities for affordable and well-renowned higher education opportunities, it is a state that is hard to beat for people who are looking to grow.


Massachusetts has proven to be the best state for families, according to a recent report in 2022. The state reportedly received “high marks for education, affordability and health and safety”, earning them a place at the top of the list, above Minnesota, New York, and other comparable locations.


As the Great Lake State, it is no surprise that fishing is one of the most notable activities in the state. While that is certainly a great way to relax, there are many other methods that have become more popular with the growth of college towns in recent years, so be sure to explore the cities and lakes to your heart’s content.


Art crawls, the Highland Games, car shows, and fairs and festivals of all kinds take place all around Minnesota, ensuring that there is always a reason to celebrate if you are looking for one.


With the second lowest cost of living for several years now, Mississippi proves to be a fantastic spot for those starting out. If you are looking to enjoy your lifestyle and still save money, this might be the place to start.


Whether you prefer suburban living, city living, beach front, or even a more estate-looking lifestyle, Missouri has it all. Missouri is home to a beautiful array of locations to grow as an individual or even raise a family, so take a look around before relocating here as there are quite a few options to see.


Ranked as one of the top 10 most outdoorsy states, Montana serves as an excellent location for those who are interested in outdoor activities. The picturesque mountains, lakes, rivers, and parks are sure to fill up your time off.


Nebraska is the perfect escape away from city life. The state is known for its wide open spaces, close communities, few crows, and little traffic congestion, making it an incredibly relaxing place to live and work, especially when compared against the surrounding states.


Nevada is another one of several states with no personal income tax. They can also boast about having no corporate income tax and some of the lowest property taxes in the country, which ensures that their tax systems are ranked as some of the best in the country.

New Hampshire

As a state known for its stunning greenery and mountainscapes, it should be no surprise that one of the more notable activities in New Hampshire is foraging! While most states have a ban on it, New Hampshire is rich with healthy grains, soils, fruits, and more that make knowledgeable foraging both fun and safe.

New Jersey

New Jersey is known to support a great quality of life, no matter where your interest lies. The state provides a great balance of city and suburban life, notable options for higher education, and serves as the home for several major sporting locations, such as the MetLife Stadium. It is an easy and enjoyable mix of interests and lifestyles that can fit nearly any family.

New Mexico

As a border state, it is guaranteed that New Mexico’s culture will be richly diverse, but the people’s Native American roots and history bring it to a whole new level. Whether you are a history buff, looking for someplace that feels entirely new, or simply interested in settling down in an area with a rich culinary feel, then New Mexico is likely the spot for you.

New York

New York is never too far from the headlines as it is a bustling cityscape. As an additional benefit to the creative culture and bright job market that thrives in New York is the public transportation that is available. While movies and locals alike poke at it, the truth is that the subway and train systems that are easily accessible in New York are some of the mostly highly rated in the country, making travel for business or pleasure all that much easier.

North Carolina

Personal Expression that Makes an Impression” is the motto of the arts and culture industries in North Carolina. As a state widely known for its thriving artistic efforts, North Carolina puts their best foot forward in natural preservation, arts shows and festivals, and more in order to bring together the those who are interested in art in all of its forms.

North Dakota

In terms of melting pots, you will find that few states took to it as literally as North Dakota. The food in North Dakota is known to be “all mixed up” in some of the best ways as it blends the practices and recipes of multiple cultures into one to creative stunning inventive and highly praised foods.


Ohio is home to some remarkable locations and services, but almost nothing tops the 300 breweries that can be found within the state. Thankfully, it is as well known for its beers as it is for its healthcare, so people can relax and enjoy responsibly.


“Big small town” is not a common oxymoron to hear, but it is a common sight to see in Oklahoma. That being said, none of these charming small towns are anything near ordinary. Like a snapshot in time, these areas have held onto original architecture. layouts, art, furniture, and more to recreate idyllic scenes from generations passed.


As home to stunning locations such as Crater Lake National Park and Washington Park, one would expect a majority of boasting to be focused on the natural beauty of Oregon, but they would be remiss to ignore the “offbeat” but welcoming nature of the urban areas, such as Portland. Planning a visit or a relocation there is a great way to determine which type of beauty speaks more to you.


Pennsylvania presents a major draw due to its, literally, revolutionary history. As one of the core locations for many of the moments that brought Americans independence, it should be no surprise that patriots and historians flock here to be amidst the history.

Rhode Island

The state is small, but the list of stunning beaches is long! Rhode Island is surrounded by rock beaches from other nearby states, but Rhode Island is home to soft sands and clear waters that will make you believe that you’re in the tropics.

South Carolina

South Carolina is known for rolling hills and stunning sights, but that is nearly nothing when compared to the glowing reviews of the state’s well-known southern hospitality and charm. From bed-and-breakfasts to bedside manner to community welcomes, the people of South Carolina give a wholesome look to the concept of southern hospitality.

South Dakota

Beyond the strong economy and career opportunities we spoke of in our partnered 50 for 50 article, South Dakota can also be praised for its largely untouched scenery beyond the stone faces of past presidents. Enjoy national parks, close-knit communities, and more in this natural state.


While there are many benefits to living in Tennessee, the low cost of living simply cannot be ignored. With no income taxes, low property taxes, and low cost of living from an economy that feeds into itself and provides for the state’s people, it is simply one of the best states to live in if you enjoy maintaining a good quality of life while still being able to save money.


As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. From the job and housing markets to the outdoor activity opportunities, Texas ranks highly among similar states in the country. If you are looking for opportunities, both for your career and your life, Texas might just be the right spot for you.


Known as America’s “Four-Season Outdoor Playground“, there is no doubting the beauty and majesty of Ohio through all four seasons. The state and private businesses flourish with the seasonal changes as each one brings in new activities and people, creating a moving economy and a lively living space.


Over the last decade, Vermont has been repeatedly ranked as one of the healthiest states. From encouraging active lifestyles, providing great medical care, and taking great measures to protect its people from violent crime, Vermont makes sure to work hard to be one of the top states for health and vitality in the US.


If you are a history buff, no place is better than Virginia! Home to Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown, also known as the Historic Triangle, as well as Arlington Cemetery and the Pentagon, Virginia serves as the centerpiece for American History buffs.


Oceans, valleys, mountains, and more all call Washington State home. If you are looking for cool weather, scenic locations, and variety in your views, you could not pick a better state than Washington.

West Virginia

As it is nicknamed the “mountain state”, it should be of no surprise that West Virginia is home to some of the most well known mountain ranges and hiking trails. While the Appalachian Mountains are known to all, West Virginia is also home to plenty of smaller mountains and hills that make great areas of skiing in the winter. When the snow melts, the rivers make for great rafting locations as well.


Cheese, beer, and German food are found in every part of Wisconsin. As the home of America’s early dairy industry and nearly 100% growth in breweries manned by German immigrants from 1860 to 1890, you can be sure that the foods you experience here are the works of generations of love and labor.


Crime rates in Wyoming beat the median in the United States by 60%, ensuring that people can feel safe in their homes after a long day of work. Here, violent crime only operates as a rate of 2.13 per 1,000 people.

As you can tell, each state has its own charms and advantages. If you are looking to pursue a new opportunity and maybe take advantage of this newfound knowledge, then reach out to us here today or apply to one of our open jobs here. Either way, we will connect you with a dedicated recruiter to help find the job of your dreams!

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