Awareness Movements In The New Year

Awareness Movements in the New Year


January is a month packed with celebrations and awareness movements. It can be easy to get swept up in the new year’s day celebrations and resolutions, but do not forget about the rest of the month that is ahead of you!


If you are looking to add volunteering, learning, or raising awareness as one of your resolutions for the new year, then we have just the list for you. Take a look at some of the awareness movements happening in January of 2022 and let us know where you plan to get involved!


Month-Long Awareness Movements


January does not have many single day or week long movements, but it is filled with month-long movements! While all of them are important and deserving of our attention, we choose to highlight some of those that are more likely to slip under your radar. If you are looking for inspiration to get involved this month, then take a look below.


  • Radon Awareness Month: Radon exposure is incredibly dangerous and difficult to detect. Radon has no smell, taste, or visual sign, so preventative measures are paramount. Ensuring that your home and the homes of your loved ones have been radon tested or built with radon-proof materials is a great first step. Radon exposure is the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers and is completely preventable, so act now.


  • Cervical Health Awareness Month: Invasive Cervical Cancer is another preventable disease that we face. The yearly diagnosis numbers are not astronomical, but 14,000 is nothing to scoff at when there is a preventative vaccination readily available. Early screening, vaccination, and awareness efforts can help bring the number of diagnoses down to zero, so take some time this month to remind your loved ones to get screening or treatments, as necessary.



Single Day Awareness Movements


January has a relatively small amount of single-day awareness movements in comparison to some other months we have covered, but that is even more of a reason to give our all on those days. Check out January’s three day-long healthcare awareness movements below!


  • National Pharmacist Day: Taking place on January 12th, this is a day to celebrate the pharmacists in our lives. From new graduate to experienced professional, pharmacists of all specialties are absolutely vital to the health and wellness of the population. In a 2018 poll, they ranked 3rd amongst the most trustworthy professionals, and while that does speak to our appreciation for them, it does not hurt to give a little extra on this day.



  • World Leprosy Day: January 30th is World Leprosy Day. Many people are aware that the disease exists but the symptoms and curability are lesser known factors. Timing and knowledge can be the difference between getting cured after infection or having to suffer long-term effects, so take time today to learn about how to spot leprosy and how to keep yourself safe.


It is sure to be a busy month, but the more people who are involved, the better. If you plan to be involved, let us know! If you are looking to be involved as a healthcare professional, then check out our job page to see what opportunities we currently have open.


If you are looking for something a little different than what we have posted, then send us your updated resume here and we will connect you with a dedicated recruiter to help find your perfect job opportunity!

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