Job Hunting Around The Holidays

Job Hunting Around the Holidays

Searching for a new job can be difficult at any point during the year, but the holiday seasons bring in unique complications and benefits that can be hard to balance. Knowing how to job hunt in general is necessary, but knowing how to make the most of searching during the holidays is a skill that goes beyond the basics.

Follow these 5 top tips to job hunting around the holidays and make the most out of your time and efforts.

Update Your Resume

In any situation, updating your resume is an absolute first step. An updated resume will refresh your status on job boards, letting people who are searching for candidates know that you are actively looking as well. Beyond that, it also gives you a chance to refamiliarize yourself with your resume and reorganize it to best reflect the roles you are most interested in.

Maximize Temp-to-Perm Potential

It is not uncommon for seasonal jobs to sprout up, even in the world of healthcare. While these temporary positions may not seem as enticing as a permanent role, they can be a great stepping stone into one. Even if a role starts as temporary, it always has the potential to become permanent. Striving to work hard and show the best of yourself during the temporary contract is a great way to leave a positive impression on possible future employers.

Even if the role does not become permanent, temp jobs are still great ways to expand your network and get a recent recommendation to any other roles you apply to. Most holiday and contract jobs also come with the added bonus of increased pay or benefits, so it becomes a winning situation for job hunters like yourself no matter what happens.

Start Dates are Negotiable

The average job board may not make this clear but, especially during the holiday season, start dates are negotiable. For many reasons, companies who are looking for permanent hires often avoid hiring during the end of the year. Knowing this, job hunters can look at relocation roles or opportunities that might usually be a stretch as they have the time and flexibility now to pursue them.

While negotiations may have to wait for a later stage in the hiring process, it is important to keep this flexibility in mind all the same so you can schedule the start dates that work best for you.

Reconnect with Your Network

Good wishes and holiday greetings do not have to be limited to Christmas cards in the mail. Take the season as an excuse to reach out to people you have wanted to network more with by wishing them happy holidays or a bright new year. It is not much, but it serves as a kind way to touch base without having to awkwardly reintroduce yourself or talk about business off the bat.

It serves well to do this before applying to jobs as well. If you reach out to a hiring manager for good wishes and they later see your name in their resume pile, it will leave a good impression as someone who thinks ahead.

Work with a Recruiter

Sincere effort and a great resume will keep you relevant on job boards, but one of the best ways to stay ahead of the pack is to work with a specialized recruiter. Recruiters are always following the above steps and more to maximize their candidates’ job opportunities, so get help at no cost to you.

If you are looking for a healthcare opportunity, let Radius’ recruiters help. Either apply to an open opportunity here or send us an updated resume here. We will connect you with the right recruiter for you as soon as today!
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