The Complete Guide To Job Hunting

The Complete Guide to Job Hunting

Job hunting is an ever-evolving practice. The changes brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic added an entirely new dimension of variables to this practice as well. At Radius Staffing Solutions, we have put in extensive efforts to make easy-to-follow guides and checklists that help candidates navigate the chaotic world of job searching. From starting to apply to finishing your sign-on paperwork and beyond, these guides here can ensure that you have your best foot forward throughout this process.

Getting Started with Job Hunting

If you are just getting started, Whether you are crafting your resume for the first time or looking for the next major jump in your career, everything for taking a strong first step can be found here!

  • How to Approach Job Hunting: learn some easy tricks for starting strong when job hunting.
  • How to Write a Healthcare Resume: Healthcare resumes have nuanced needs that can get lost in generalized guides. Take a look here and see how your resume matches up.
  • Pros and Cons of Working with Recruiters: Healthcare recruiters dedicate their days to helping you find great opportunities, but it’s not a fit for every type of job search. Read here if you are trying to decide on whether or not to use a recruiter.

What Jobs Should You Apply to

Interview Preparation

So you have been applying and reaching out to schedule you interviews but you feel underprepared. This is the section for you!

Interview Questions and Tips

How do you make a good and lasting impression while still getting the answers you need during a job interview? Our recruiters at Radius Staffing Solutions are more than a little familiar with these conundrums, so check out their top tips to surviving interviews.

Following-Up and Responding to Offers

You have made it! You are almost at the end! With your new job offers in mind, learn how to figure out if the offer is a good fit for you and what to do after accepting it.

Resigning and Last Days

How exactly do you close that last chapter before moving forward? How do you know when or how to resign? Learn about this and more right here:

This guide will be an ever-growing list, so be sure to save it somewhere for when you are interested in taking that next step in your career. If you are interested but you need more support than this article, then check out our job board here or send us a direct resume here and we will be sure to have a dedicated recruiter reach out as soon as possible.

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