Superstitions: Recruiter Edition

October is here and that means that the spookiest season of all is upon us! It is time to gather around and tell stories of ghosts, goblins, and scary things that go bump in the night. Of course, nothing goes better with scary stories than a healthy dose of superstition that lasts long beyond Halloween.

While recruiting is not known for its spooky stories, some recruiters rely on superstitions just as much as skill to ensure that a deal happens. So what superstitions have your favorite recruiters been sticking to? Check out our top six favorites:

1.    Candles for Candidates: When candidates go out to major interviews, some recruiters will light a candle for luck on their behalf. Other recruiters will ensure the candle stays lit until they hear that the interview is over.

2.            Double Trouble: Some believe that candidates of the same name share the same luck. Some have unfathomably good luck, getting their dream jobs with great offers almost immediately while others might find themselves waiting longer than usual to get a response to an offer.

3.            Avoid Triplicates: Twos can be bad but sets of three are considered a sign of something either amazing or a continuation of bad luck. Recruiters with three candidates of the same name, beware.

4.            Luck of the Novice: Novice recruiters and novice job hunters alike come with a certain amount of luck. Some candidates will have just graduated and will get a job on the first application. Some recruiters will place the first candidate who picks up the phone. Over time, this luck fades, but their skills will grow in its place, so take advantage of luck when you can!

5.            Good Luck Charms: Some recruiters will utilize good luck charms to help their candidates get a great job offer. These charms can be general pieces that are sure to be out on a desk during phone calls and interviews, or they could be a complicated mix of specific charms for specific occasions.

6.            The “D” Word: Mentioning a deal is taboo in the recruiting world, especially so when you are waiting to hear about a deal being made. You can talk in roundabout ways about deals, but avoid the “D” word at all costs!

While these are simply our top favorites, there are plenty more to go around. Let us know what superstitions drive you! If you do not want to rely on superstitions and instead want the skills of our specialized and dedicated Radius recruiters, then submit a resume here or apply directly to one of our open positions here!

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