The Metrics That Matter: Measuring If A Company Is Good To Work For

The Metrics that Matter: Measuring if a Company is Good to Work for

Choosing which company to work for is not an easy decision to make. After all, each of us has unique personal and professional needs that we want to be met in our job. In the healthcare industry, this is even more critical since patient care always comes first. And yet, there are companies that stand out from the rest, those that provide not only excellent care for their patients but also supportive careers for their employees.

So, what makes a company good to work for in healthcare? Keep reading to find out!

Employee Turnover Rate

High employee turnover is often indicative of underlying dissatisfaction. This metric measures the number of employees leaving the company within a specific period. A high turnover rate means something is wrong with the management, compensation, or working conditions. On the other hand, a low turnover rate shows that employees are happy and content, and the company provides them with the support they need. When looking for jobs, it is essential to review the employee turnover rate to have an idea of the company’s stability.

Employee Engagement Scores

Engaged employees feel valued, productive, and motivated. Companies that actively measure and improve employee engagement typically experience more profitability, higher job satisfaction rates, and lower turnover rates. A company that invests in employee engagement activities or employee feedback surveys shows that it values the employees’ input. Track the company’s employee satisfaction score or Net Promoter Score (NPS) to have an idea if the employees are actively engaged.

Those may not be easily accessible surveys for many companies. In which case, look at public reviews from past employees. Employees who are leaving or have left have nothing to lose by being blunt and honest, so their reviews can give you an accurate idea of how they felt about their experience with the company.

Employee Wellness Programs

A company that takes care of its employees’ well-being is a clear indication that it is an excellent place to work for. Wellness programs include various activities that contribute to employees’ physical, emotional, and mental well-being, such as mindfulness sessions, health insurance, and work-life balance programs. When researching a potential employer, check if they have wellness programs that can support employees’ well-being.

Salary and Benefits

While salary is not the only factor that makes employees stay or leave their jobs, it remains a significant deciding factor. The company should provide competitive pay and benefits packages that can cover the employees’ basic needs, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and disability insurance. Do your research and compare the salaries and benefits packages of the companies you’re considering to ensure you get a fair and balanced package.

Career Development Opportunities

One essential factor that healthcare workers consider when looking for jobs is the career development opportunities. This life-long learning helps them improve their skills, advance their career, and ultimately stay engaged with their work. A good company provides various opportunities for employees to grow, such as leadership programs, career mentoring, and educational courses.

Choosing a company to work for is a big decision, and you want to be sure that you make an informed choice. Job satisfaction is a crucial component of a successful career, and finding a company that meets your needs is crucial. By looking out for these specific metrics, you can maximize the chance of finding a good employer in the healthcare industry that can support both your personal and professional growth.

Remember, employees are just as critical as patients in a healthcare organization, and the best care always comes from a stable, satisfied workforce. If you are interested in looking for a company that will offer you all these opportunities and more, then check out our open jobs here on our job board. If you are looking for something different than what we have there, then send us an updated resume here and connect with a recruiter today!

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