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Why You Should Get Your MSN

Obtaining the highest level of education is not always necessary to have a worthwhile and enjoyable career, but it typically does present a number of attractive benefits. Nurses – there are many reasons to look into getting your Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) that, in many cases, make the time and money requirements of another year or two of schooling worth it.


Holding this degree can open a number of doors that heighten the overall experience of working in the field. While the MSN degree is typically obtained by healthcare professionals in the nursing realm, it can also prove to be beneficial to those wishing to pursue a career in healthcare management or education.


You may not be aware of all of the potential benefits to earning your MSN, or you may feel that it just isn’t worth it. If you are unsure, read on for our top reasons to keep your options open. 


Higher Salaries with an MSN


Perhaps the most obvious upside to earning your Masters is the automatic increase in your salary. Nurses who are MSN holders earn significantly more than those who only have an associates and Bachelor’s degrees. In the United States, the average salary for nurses are as follows:


  • Nurses that hold an associates degree earn an average of $62,000
  • Nurses that hold a Bachelors degree earn an average of $82,000
  • Nurses that hold a Masters of Science in Nursing earn an average of $93,000


This number can increase down the line, as well. Registered nurses and nurse practitioners with an MSN can earn over $100,000 depending on how long they have been practicing. Aside from a higher income, these salary increases can also improve your overall quality of life and potentially reduce the hours you need to work in order to live comfortably. In the long run, pursuing an MSN can really ‘pay’ off!


Registered nurses and nurse practitioners with an MSN can earn over $100,000 depending on how long they have been practicing.”


Respect and Trust from Patients and Peers


Nurses in general are already ranked the most trusted healthcare professionals out there. But like most industries, the more credentials you have, the more authority you have, and therefore the more trust is put in you. Nurses with a Masters degree are generally more respected by their peers, their colleagues and other healthcare professionals. The diligence and dedication required to achieve a Masters degree translates into your day-to-day work ethic, and those working around you are bound to take notice. It can also open up a whole new realm of networking opportunities with healthcare professionals in other disciplines, and growing your professional network is never a bad idea. 


Nurses are one of the biggest driving forces behind patient care, and when it comes to a patient’s health, many people like to know they are in the best hands possible. Therefore, it can be suggested that nurses with a higher degree of education and experience are going to be sought after by more patients.




More Career Path Options with an MSN


Another great aspect of having more credentials is that it opens up many more career path options. Perhaps you want to diversify your skillset or become more specialized in your practice – holding an MSN is a crucial step in doing either. Or maybe you want to move away from nursing altogether, into related fields such as healthcare management; this Masters degree can help you get there. 


According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), “nurses with graduate preparation provide direct patient care at an advanced level, conduct research, teach online and in the classroom, consult with corporations, and implement evidence-based solutions that revolutionize health care. These highly skilled providers are in great demand to fill established and emerging roles that allow nurses to focus on a variety of practice areas.” 


Some of the most popular specialties include public health, geriatrics and anesthesiology (which also happens to be one of the most lucrative medical fields). An MSN program also typically teaches skills critical for pursuing roles in management and leadership, if this is a path you are interested in learning more about.


Further Education Options


Many healthcare professionals are passionate about engaging in lifelong learning, and nurses don’t have to stop at an MSN! A Masters degree education can pave the way for earning even further credentials, such as Doctorate or PhD in Nursing, which can do wonders for your career.


There are also more focused certificate programs available to nurses wishing to sharpen their skills in one or two specificities of the field, both in class and online. Many of these certificate programs are only available to nurses that have completed their MSN. 




You should feel great about what you do every single day. Many nurses feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment after finishing such extensive schooling. In addition to being able to make a difference in the lives of more patients, it can also make a positive impact on your own life. 


This great accomplishment can lead to increased self-esteem and confidence in yourself, which translates positively to the people around you, and improves your overall experience in the field. You may eventually be seen as a mentor and inspiration to other nurses in your healthcare facility. The prospect of becoming someone in your workplace that people look up to can be enough of a reason to pursue an MSN for many people. 


If you have any more questions about the MSN degree and what opportunities it can present, do not hesitate to reach out to us! 


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