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How the US Election Results Will Affect Healthcare Employment

The 2020 federal election has finally come to a close, and Democratic leader Joe Biden has been elected the 46th President of the United States. This shift in power has the country on edge as they wait to see the impacts on a grand scale.


At Radius, we are of course considering how a Democratic ruling will affect our industry – healthcare employment. The Democrats have detailed plans for the way healthcare and employment will be handled in the years to come, and it is important for both recruiters and job seekers in the healthcare realm to be aware of them.


Healthcare and employment have long been points of contention between the government and the American people. Worries surrounding costs of services and insurance, as well as fluctuating availability of job opportunities, have become an ever-present topic of discussion. Add on a pandemic that imploded the employment market, the COVID-19 crisis has only further exasperated the situation. Americans are more eager than ever to find out how these two increasingly relevant issues will be handled over the next four years under the leadership of Joe Biden.


Here are some of the ways that a Democratic win may affect healthcare employment in the coming years.


Healthcare Budget and Plans


Probably the biggest factor in determining how healthcare employment will be affected is by examining the plan of action that Biden and his team have proposed. The way that patients receive care will inevitably affect the way that healthcare professionals are employed and the type of care that facilities can offer.


Outlined on Biden’s website is a lengthy healthcare reform plan, which heavily focuses on making healthcare more accessible for Americans through the Affordable Care Act, as well as implementing a less complex healthcare system. Another notable bullet point from the Democratic party’s mandate is the idea of partnering with the healthcare workforce to improve health outcomes, giving more of a voice to healthcare professionals and potentially increasing the quality of care. 


Which Fields Will Grow


Under the last few presidents, healthcare employment has been a field on the rise. Obama’s administration created 1.5 million healthcare jobs in his 8-year presidency and while the exact figures under Trump’s administration are yet to be determined, healthcare jobs have continued to climb. According to a recent analysis conducted by economic-research firm Moody’s Analytics prior to the election, they projected that a Democratic win will produce faster overall job growth and higher wages for most workers, creating an estimated 18 million new jobs.


There will be significant changes made to the healthcare system and access of care under Biden’s administration. For this reason, it is likely that certain healthcare positions will increase in volume. The future changes to healthcare administration could likely mean more positions in healthcare management, in roles such as patient advocate or financial healthcare manager. Another noteworthy claim is his promise to provide more affordable and accessible healthcare to Americans, regardless of income, location or any number of discriminating factors. This could mean a hiring increase for a range of fields in locations that are considered rural and remote.


Some of the most in-demand healthcare professions for next year include Nurse Practitioners, Occupational and Physical Therapists, and Health Services Managers, so it is likely that these positions will be on the rise in employment regardless. In addition, due to an aging population, positions working in long-term and home health care are likely to increase as well. 


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How Health Insurance and Other Benefits Could Change


Another factor to consider is how healthcare insurance and other work benefits will be affected by the results of the upcoming election. The Democrats plan claims to make significant adjustments to healthcare costs, but the exact route to get these is not perfectly clear.


If health insurance costs rise, it is possible that employers may not be able to offer the same caliber of compensation packages that they once could. If they are lowered, millions more Americans can have access to life-saving healthcare. However, the implementation of these changes won’t happen overnight, so it may take some time for benefits and insurance to be affected. When looking for healthcare job opportunities in the new year, make a point to ask your potential employer or job search partner about insurance and benefits for your own peace of mind. 


The Potential of a Second Wave


In Biden’s acceptance speech, one of the top priorities was mitigating the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, in a stark contrast to how it has thus far been handled under the previous administration. Getting the coronavirus outbreak under control is crucial to both the health and safety of the American people and to economic advancement. In the event of a second wave – which seems more and more inevitable as numbers continue to rise – Biden vows to reinstate a pandemic task force and employ a more aggressive effort to contain the surge.


The first wave of COVID-19 saw an overhaul of nearly every aspect of healthcare employment and job searching. From virtual and remote practices becoming the norm to some healthcare professions having to adjust to new regulations, the future of healthcare employment has not always been clear.


The new approach presented by Biden’s administration seems to have a heavier focus on science and effective care. This would more than likely mean an increase in employment in various healthcare professions directly related to COVID-19, such as respiratory therapists, laboratory scientists and more, in an effort to quickly and effectively prevent, treat and contain the outbreak. We are eager to see what this new presidency means for the healthcare employment industry and our country as a whole!


What are your thoughts on the US election results and how it relates to healthcare, employment, and its intersections? Radius is always eager to contribute to the ongoing discussions surrounding public health, healthcare employment and industry news. Are you interested in a new position, or have a question for one of our recruiters? Visit our job board for regularly updated opportunities or contact us directly at


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