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Picking the Right Recruiter for Your Healthcare Facility

Finding the best talent for your healthcare facility starts with picking the right recruiter. The recruiting agency you choose will be the face of your facility, which means that having a symbiotic relationship is crucial. 


Errors resulting from a poor partnership can be costly, including bad hires, negative public feedback and dismal retention rates. Not only does this result in additional resources being spent on searching for talent to fill your roles, but it also wastes ample time, energy and money at each attempt. 


To avoid potential problems right from the start, there are some criteria to keep in mind when partnering with a recruiting agency. Read on to get informed!


Find a Financial Relationship that Works


The factor that is likely topping your list of finding the right recruiter is determining what kind of price model your facility can afford. In general, there are two different types of recruiting firms: retained and contingent. Retained recruiters require an upfront fee before starting their candidate search whereas contingent recruiters only get paid once the candidate is hired. There are pros and cons to each that you will need to be weighed against the needs of your facility, including time-to-hire, exclusivity, and of course, price.


When you work with Radius, you get a very special experience. The services we offer are reflective of those of a retained search firm, but our price model is contingent. This allows our clients to enjoy the same level of expertise and dedication that comes with a retained search, but we won’t charge you before producing results.


Look for a Niched Recruiter


The world of healthcare is vast, and one size most definitely does not fit all. In the same way you wouldn’t ask a light industrial recruiter to fill an executive position, you shouldn’t ask a pharmacy specialized recruiter to fill an occupational therapy position. When searching for a healthcare recruiter, try to find someone whose expertise is as niche and specialized as possible. This will ensure that your needs are better understood, and the talent pool will be wider, yet at the same time, further geared to your objectives.


Working with Radius ensures that you will work with a recruiter that not only has experience in healthcare recruiting, but who is also dedicated to making permanent placements within the specific discipline that you are seeking. The narrower our focus, the more knowledge we have and the more likely we are to make the perfect match.


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Look for a Recruiter that is Thoughtful and Invested 


It’s safe to assume that one of the reasons you’re seeking recruiter expertise is the knowledge they’ll likely have more experience sourcing top talent than you do. However, beyond having noteworthy job experience, the right recruiter is one that is thoughtful and deeply invested in their work, therefore benefitting everyone involved. 


The right recruiter will take the time to put themselves in the shoes of both the candidate and the client to get a full picture of what’s trying to be achieved. Typically, the more a recruiter gets to know you and your facility, the better chances they have of selecting the best talent. Even if it takes a little bit longer, it’s worth it – after all, the expense of a hastily-made hire that doesn’t work out can end up costing you anywhere from 30-400% of their annual salary.


Look for a Recruiter with Similar Values


Like any business relationship, you want to find a recruiting agency whose values align with those of your facility. Beyond helping you fill your open opportunities with top talent, a great healthcare recruiter can also provide a plethora of additional value, but only when you both see eye to eye about your objectives. Working with a recruiting agency should be a strategic and balanced professional partnership, giving your facility a competitive edge.


Keeping an open line of communication about these values is a two-way street. At Radius, we are always transparent, open, and honest at every stage of the talent search process, and we always ask that you do the same. Bad partnerships affect us, too! 


Look for a Recruiter with Strong Candidate Relationships


Perhaps most importantly, find a recruiter that respects not only your needs but also the needs of the talent they are recruiting. Having an understanding of how they treat everyone in the talent search process will give you a good indication of how your professional relationship will go. As mentioned earlier, the recruiter you choose to partner with will be the first impression that the candidate has of your facility, so it’s important that you’re comfortable with their practices.


Working with a recruiter that has a deep candidate pool means that you will have access to talent that has already been vetted by a pro, saving you time and resources in the long run. Integrating a recruiter into your professional network can be beneficial for your company long after you have filled the initial placement. 

If you are interested in learning more about partnering with Radius Staffing Solutions to staff your healthcare facility, don’t hesitate to reach out today. You can do so by emailing us directly at or by clicking here.


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