Job Search, Preparation, and Interview Checklist

Job hunting is the full-time job almost all new graduates are guaranteed to have. While we hope that our graduates take some time to enjoy and celebrate their new status, we also want to make sure that they are prepared for the next steps in finding their dream career.


Blogs, like ours, give great detail in all sorts of breakdowns and guides, but few actually provide a full checklist of what is necessary to be successful in your efforts. While we are always looking to give detail and better arm our candidates with the tried and true knowledge of job searching, we know that a checklist can provide the core information in a shorter time.


We suggest that you keep an eye out for our future articles that will provide the ‘whys’ of these requirements, but, until then, check out our checklist for job searching, preparing, and interviewing.


Job Search


  • Start in the right mindset. Job hunting can take time, but the right job is always worth it
  • Network often, utilize recommendations and recruiters
  • Be clear on what you want- don’t waste your on completely wrong opportunities
  • Customize your resume to include the key words and requirements in the job description
  • Bring focus to unique qualifications, such as specific certifications or licenses
  • Resumes should bring interest, not exhaustion- limit specific details that
  • Get resume and cover letter help from free services
  • Make your resume match your LinkedIn (and you need a LinkedIn!)
  • Pay attention to the instructions in job description! They might be odd, but they serve as a screening technique
  • Remember that pay is often negotiable, so long as the difference of what they offer and what you are looking for is not too large
  • Follow up with the provided contact with a formal email after 48 hours



  • Know your career goals and how to describe them with confidence
  • Familiarize yourself with the different types of questions you might face
  • Rehearse answers for general questions. The big one? “Why do you want this job”
  • Review your resume and prepare quantifiable examples of your skills
  • If your job has numerical records that can speak to your responsibilities and accomplishments, print proof to provide to interviewers
  • Research the companies who respond and make note of the values they discuss on their websites
  • Confirm the number of interviewers (n) you should expect and bring n+1 resumes to the interview (what’s with the (n) and n+1?)
  • Confirm the name of your interviewers and follow them on LinkedIn
  • Prepare questions for the interview team
  • Plan to eat a balanced meal more than an hour in advance
  • Plan to workout before the interview to reduce tension and stress
  • Phone Interview Preparation can be a bit different, so check out some tips here




  • Bring resumes, pen, and paper for notes in a professional folder
  • If it is a video interview, print a copy of your resume and have a notepad with you. Let the interviewer know that you might, occasionally, take notes if you genuinely plan to do so
  • Dress in neutral colors (navy, grey, black, or brown) and wear an outfit that is equal or one step above to dress code of the company
  • Remember: early is on-time, on-time is late, and late is left behind. Plan to be about 10 minutes early
  • Don’t hide who you are; you want a job that wants you, not a fake version of you
  • Speak with confidence in your work. Remember that they are interested in you already, which is why you have this interview
  • Have attentive body language. If you are not comfortable to continued eye contact, you can take notes and nod frequently, which will give a natural break without seeming uninterested
  • Speak about longevity with the company
  • Ask for a timeline for when you can expect to hear back
  • Prepare to send a thank-you post-meeting


For Our New Grads


You are having to make a lot of decisions on the fly. We can not provide all the answers, but check out some of our specialty guides below to help answer some more career-based questions:



If you are looking for someone to help you with the search in finding your dream job, send us your resume or apply to one of our posted jobs! We look forward to hearing from you!

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